PVA Green WATERS Program

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"We Are Taking Environmental Responsibility/Stewardship"

Since its inception, the Passenger Vessel Association (PVA) has been offering its members the information they need to succeed. That credo continues with PVA’s “voluntary” program that provides a comprehensive look at the “Green” movement, while offering realistic ideas for ways in which PVA members can easily adopt or expand environmentally friendly practices. Adopting the suggested practices often result in saving money and generating a positive buzz from customers, employees, media, and the community.

The Green WATERS program is voluntary and is intended to assist passenger vessel operators to run cleaner, greener business operations without causing financial or operational strain. Because every vessel operation is different, this program, which continues to evolve over time, is expected to be used as a guide and operators should use those practices that make sense for their individual operation.

Program Resources:

  • Green WATERS Best Green Business Practices Manual
    As part of the program, PVA has developed a manual that will efficiently guide you through the often complex world of "Green" environmentalism. Through the use of case studies and concrete examples that are tailored specifically to the passenger vessel industry, this living document allows operators to quickly understand how environmentally friendly practices can be easily and cost-effectively adopted. The manual will also help members understand the positive impact that such practices have upon public opinion. Plus, many PVA operators will be pleased to know that they are already doing many of the things the program advocates. Download the Best Green Business Practices Manual.

  • Green WATERS Best Green Business Practices Checklist
    In addition to the "Best Green Business Practices" manual, the PVA Green WATERS program includes an easy-to-use checklist for members to assess the level of their environmental stewardship. Once vessel operators have implemented the suggested items from the checklist, they are encouraged to share this information with PVA. Upon completing and submitting the PVA Green WATERS Best Green Business Practices Checklist form, you will receive a PVA Green WATERS participation certificate and window decal sticker(s).