b'FOGHORNFOCUS: SAFETYIn a three-minute video, Captain Jennifer Kaye takes passengers on a step-by-step, time-lapsed walk-through from check-in to disembarking of a voyage under the new COVID-19 protocols. The piece is welcoming, personal and provides a visual overview of what pas-sengers can now expect on a sailing. The tone is assuring, encouraging passengers to come out on the bay in a safe, comfort-able manner. Woodwinds web home page remains dedicated to a hero image which is a design term describing an over sized banner image at the turn of the banner, of the experience of being on the water with an alert bar at the top directing visitors to special COVID-19 information and red highlighted copy for additional redirection to the COVID-19 message page. There, the video is embedded and plays from a YouTube link: https:// Cape May-Lewes Ferrys safety videos cover a wide range of topics to demonstrate safety changes due to COVID-19.www.schoonerwoodwind.com/covid-19- Credit: Cape May-Lewes Ferryupdate/. Ensuring Passenger Safety Wendella Sightseeing Boats, a PVA INNOVATIVE.Vessel member operating in Chicago, takes a slightly different and equally effective approach. Famous for its city UNIQUE.ALL AMERICAN MARINE architectural tours of Chicago from the citys eponymous river system that run throughout the Windy City, PROVEN. the companys home page hero image starts with the message Safe Cruising and an onsite poster about face masks. A two-minute video is then positioned directly below the hero image with a personal message from tour operation President, Michael Borgstrom. Borgstrom, who is a PVA Past President, gives an overview of the companys new safety and sanitizing procedures including how employees are screened each day with tempera-ture checks. He provides personal assurances as passengers are taken through some of the more important safety measures Wendella has imple-mented. https://www.wendellaboats.ALLAMERICANMARINE.com com/safe-cruising/.Bellingham, WA | 360.647.7602 Both Wendella and Woodwind videos position top company personnel Sales@allamericanmarine.com to show their personal commitments Pictured: Orca I - The first of two 78 Passenger Tour Vessels for Great Western Attractions for safe tourism experiences. Both also 8AUGUST 2020FOGHORN'