b'MEMBERNEWSWETA Executive Director Nina Rannells Announces Retirement from AgencyNina Rannells, the executiveBuilt core system maintenance andelement to the agencys mission.director of the San Francisco Bay Areaoperations facilities in Vallejo andAt the direction of the Legislature, Water Emergency TransportationAlameda; WETA developed a plan to absorb Authority (WETA), is retiring fromBuilt seven new high-speed ferryferry services then run by the Cities WETA after 12 years leading thevessels with two more now underof Alameda and Vallejo. Rannells was agency and more than 30 years in Bayconstruction; named executive Area public transportation. Built new Southdirector in March Ninas vision for what ferrySan Francisco2009, just three service could be in the Bay Area hasand Richmondmonths before the never wavered, and her steady, strongferry terminalstransition plan leadership of WETA has made thatand launchedwas due. Rannells vision reality, said Jim Wunderman,services; worked swiftly chair of the WETA Board of Directors.Expanded theto settle ongoing From the very beginning, Nina hadDowntown SanNina Rannells, executive director, WETA. disputes with the an incredibly difficult task. She met theFrancisco Ferrycities to ensure a moment repeatedly, and the Bay AreaTerminal; and smooth transition.is better for it. Developed the regions emergencyThe transition formally took effect Rannells last day at WETA will bewater transit response plan. in 2012 with the launch of the San January 31, 2021. The WETA Board ofFrancisco Bay Ferry brand, under Directors is conducting a nationwideThe California State Legislaturewhich the existing Vallejo, Alameda/search for her successor. created the San Francisco Bay AreaOakland and Harbor Bay routes joined Rannells managed WETAs financeWater Transit Authority (WTA) in 1999with a new South San Francisco route. and administration departmentand tasked WTA with planning newAs WETA built and rehabilitated for three years before being namedand expanded ferry service. Rannellsvessels and opened its maintenance executive director in March 2009. Priorjoined WETA in 2006. In 2007, WETAand operations hubs, ferry ridership to that, she worked at the Metropolitanwas created, both replacing WTAboomed, more than doubling in the last Transportation Commission andand adding the emergency responseeight years. nGolden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District for a combined 16 years.Leading WETA has been an exciting exercise in start-up government, and I feel so blessed to have been able to lead the agency from its infancy to now, Rannells said. Every time I ride one of our ferries or visit our facilities or hear from happy passengers, I am so proud of what weve accomplished. WETA is now an integral part of the Bay Areas transit infrastructure and future, and I am ready to chart the next phase of my life with family and friends. RELIABLE POWER FOR A Under Rannells leadership,DEMANDING SCHEDULEWETA:Your business cant compromise when it comes to Absorbed, integrated and enhancedmaintaining a demanding schedule. Thats why Vallejo, Alameda and Oaklandcustomers count on reliable John Deere PowerTech municipal ferry routes under itsmarine engines. With high torque and low-rated rpm, regional service umbrella; John Deere engines deliver dependable power and Secured $465 million in regional,quiet operation.state and federal investments forFull power range of marine engines 60 to 559 kw (80 to 750 hp)ferry vessels and infrastructure inJohnDeere.com/Marinethe Bay Area;AUGUST 2020FOGHORN 39'