b'SAFETYMATTERSSafety is Always on By Eric Christensen, Director of Regulatory AffairsWatchPandemic or Notand Risk ManagementN ot even a worldwide pandemic can temper the professionalism exhibited by our mariners in both new normal routine and emergency situations. Despite lower than usual passenger counts, PVA member companies are still operating vessels on Americas waterways, many of them deemed essential and therefore counted on by the public to operate. And the public, after months of staying at home, are eager to get outside this summer and waterways are an enticing attraction. Sales of recreational boats are up as well as interest in boat Foghorn Ad 1|1/4p|3.375 x 4.875sharing websites. Unfortunately, many people arent properly educated on how to safely enjoy lakes, rivers, and coastal watersU.S. Coast Guard Capt. Eva Van Camp, Sector Commander for Sector Long Island before jumping in (often quite literally) to swim, kayak, canoe,Sound, presents U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Merit to Cross Sound Ferry paddleboard, surf, and operate recreational boats or personalCape Henlopen crew in New London, Connecticut, August 14, 2020. The Cape Henlopen crew rescued five people in Long Island Sound when they noticed a watercraft. Complicating the situation are congested waterways,vessel in distress and taking on water on July 20, 2020. Credit: U.S. Coast Guard which only increases the chances of injuries and/or fatalities.photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Anthony J. PappalyPROPSPEED Propellers | Rudders | Shafts | Struts is effective on: |Trimtabs|IPSdrives|ThrustersKeel coolers | Underwater lights (clear coat) | Any underwater metal surfaceWith the launch of Southern Cross on March 10, 2020PROPSPEED can be used on boats of all types & sizesBothrecreationalandcommercial,fromsport-fishers, South Ferry proudly welcomes the 3rd Blount boat to ourcruisers, sailboats and superyachts to work boats like ferries, fleet. We greatly appreciate the craftsmanship, unwaveringtrawlers, tugboats, research ships and patrol boats.responsiveness and attention to detail of the entire shipyard team throughout construction. It has been highly rewarding for our family to observe the mutual respect maintained between South Ferry engineering and maintenance professionals and their Blount counterparts! Save on your boats running costs~ Bill Clark, South Ferry Having clean props and running gear lowers maintenance BUILT TO SERVE BUILT TO LAST BUILT BY BLOUNT costs, reduces corrosion and decreases fuel burn.401.245.8300info@blountboats.comBLOUNTBOATS.COM WARREN, RI www.propspeed.com34AUGUST 2020FOGHORN'