b'BUSINESSMATTERSReimagining TrustBy Bob ShawIexperienced, ambidextrous, and hard-working and will meet saw a meme recently that read 1918 + 1929 + 1968 = 2020. That about sums up a world of pandemic, de- Darwins exhortation to adapt to the unimaginable. Over pression-level unemployment and massive awakening/ time this will yield impressive results. Now more than ever, protests. The year 2020 will be seared into our collectivewe must picture a new future state and give our crew hope memory and will be recounted for the next hundred years.that tomorrow will be better. Napoleon challenged us with When I talk to vessel operators, universally the conversa- the appeal that a leader is a dealer of hope.tion is about reopening, but recently many on the front linesI have summarized my professional career around three speak about racial issues. As businesspeople, how do wevital concepts: rebuild our businesses and relations in a surreal, disorientingGet your culture rightand changing world?Relentlessly develop and grow your future crew I wrote recently that General Mattis, in a crisis, split hisFocus on the right metricsoperations team into two sections:Right now, PVA members have a deep bench of expe-1. Current state (answer the phones, figure out todaysrienced crew and will surely adapt to focus on the right issues), andmetrics. As we re-imagine our future, let us refocus on 2. Future state (which in normal times might be six to 24culture. The massive furloughs and lay-offs have severely months out, but now might be a month out).impacted our crew and their confi dence in a future with us. I know that PVA members with their deep knowledgeEvery culture has been impacted and going forward some of local markets and entrepreneurial DNA will maximizemight have to start from scratch, and even the best will have todays art of the possible. Their veteran teams are hugelyheavy lifting to do. Eachyear,thousandsofpreventablemaritime accidents are caused by operator inattention, cited twice as frequently as the next leading factor. The Furuno BR500 Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) helps to prevent these accidents.Scan this code with your smart phone for a Guided Tour of the BR500.www.FurunoUSA.com26AUGUST 2020FOGHORN'