b'FOGHORNFOCUS: SAFETYSuggested Cleaners andBelow is a list of suggested disin- 3. Spartan Chemical Company Green Disinfectants on Marine Furniture fectants. These products are safe to useSolution Neutral DisinfectantWhen cleaning your marinewhile at the same time not reducingDisinfectant products listed above furniture it is recommended to usethe integrity of your marine interiorare EPA-approved and have quater-commercial-grade or EPA-registeredproducts. nary ammonium as the only active in-disinfectants to clean public or high- 1. Disinfecting Wipes: Includinggredient, which has been deemed safe traffic areas and surfaces, includingClorox, Green Works, Sani-Cloth,on marine-grade standard elastomeric marine furnishings such as seating.Lysol, Oxivir, CaviWipes. fabric, fi re-rate laminates, and powder-Always refer back to your maintenancecoated aluminum frames. plan, and care-guides.2. 3M Quat Cleaner No. 5 Regarding popular seating options, over the past six months worldwide market trends have shifted towards powder-coated benches, as seen in the installation photo, for their ease of cleaning and social distancing features.Cleaning Agents to AvoidWhen it comes to disinfecting and Public Tickets &sanitizing furniture and other surfaces Private Charters on passenger vessels, knowing which .together at last products to use is important, but equally important is knowing which products are not safe to use. Avoiding the use of bleach is essential as bleach EFFORTLESSEFFORTLESS corrodes metals, damages environmen-RESERVATIONS CONTRACTS tal surfaces. + TICKETING for Private Charters Products that contain petroleum distillate solutions should not be used for Public Cruises and Group Bookings as they reduce the integrity of common seating materials and can cause Integrated online,Custom PDF contractspermanent aesthetic damage. While phone and walk-upwith fully-trackablenot a safety issue, it has the potential to bookings versioning be a turn off for your customers if they notice discolored or stained seats. Automated conrmation,Support for private reminder and follow-upcharters, schools andModularity Is the Future! Flexible emails tour groups Seating Arrangements and OptionsAllowing your customers to have Marketing and SearchDetailed reports fora seat safely on the journey without Engine Optimizationevent planning andallowing them to break social distanc-(SEO) nancial tracking ing protocol is key to making your pas-sengers feel comfortable on board your Personalized set-up,Resource tracking forvessel.training and supportmulti-use inventory At UES, a COVID-19 Task Forceincluded along with an engineering and design teamhave begun producing fl exible seating arrangements and options for a variety of environments and layouts. Marine interior trends are shifting Manage your entireto modular arrangements. Whether business from a single,you operate as a ferry during the day integrated platform and cocktail cruise at night, or are thinking about altering your seating arrangements due to COVID-19, the SCHEDULE A DEMO use of light-weight material and easy-WWW.STARBOARDSUITE.COM to-dismount mechanisms in seating/20AUGUST 2020FOGHORN'