b'FOGHORNFOCUS: SAFETYPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) Routine Sanitation of FurnitureSolving these transportation problems, and enhancingCDC research indicates that viruses are incubated at room cleanliness, starts with customizing Personal Protectivetemperature on various surface types. While scientists are still Equipment (PPE) specifically for marine transit applications.studying this, early findings shows that the length of this in-PPE can potentially protect passengers from bodily fluids orcubation depends on surface types and materials. This period respiratory secretions from person-to-person transmissions.varies from several hours to several days. For example, at the Keeping passengers and crew away from each other inoutset of the pandemic, the CDC found the virus can stay on accepted, safe distances is critical. It has become essentialmetal surfaces for up to seven days, plastics for three to seven that companies begin investigating and investing in lowdays, and on fabrics for two days. More recent research shows impact, easy to install PPE barriers. The use of easy tothe virus may not live that long on surfaces, but to assure pas-configure barriers has become a centerpiece in all of oursengers, caution is advised. Therefore, it is imperative to take designs here at UES as we have pivoted toward offeringsteps to clean areas and objects that have the potential to come easy-to-implement solutions for vessel seating andin contact with the virus. Focusing on frequent touch surfaces furniture. These barrier arrangements inside your vesselsuch as seat upholstery, seat armrest, railings, doorknobs, are a simple and cost-effective solution to providing safetable and meal trays, faucets and sinks, and restroom facili-spaces between people aboard vessels. The bright side ofties is a great place to invest time and energy into cleaning. To this engineering and design trend is that these barriers areminimize high-touch surface areas seating systems that allow simple to install and remove, which is perfect for cleaning,for one-step removal of armrests are advantageous and will and life after COVID-19. These lightweight transparentnot leave your seats with unwanted gaps. dividers, seen in the models in this article, allow ridershipIn response to easy to clean solutions, I recommend that to be safely distanced per Centers of Disease Control andyou look for fabric and seat coverings that have adopted Prevention (CDC) guidelines, without making majorAmerican manufactured elastomeric technology yarn. This changes to your seating configurations. This is a relativelyadvanced fabric allows for ease of cleaning, comfort, and low-cost fast solution to making a vessel safer for operation.durability. Engine power solutionspower up your excursion experienceCreating an edge for your excursion business relies on producing a more positive customer experience. With Scania engines powering your vessels, youre full speed ahead of the competition. Scania designs, engineers and builds marine engines famous for their power and reliability. Engine noise has been minimized to allow your customers to fully appreciate the sounds of nature, while alsoeasily hearing tour information and safety instructions from your crew.Scania marine engines produce high torque at low revolutions, resulting in exceptional maneuverability in tight harbors. Plus, Scanias record of proven performance, dependability, and superior support and service will keep your operation on schedule, today and tomorrow. Empower your operationwww.scaniausa.com18AUGUST 2020FOGHORN'