b'FOGHORNFOCUS: SAFETYPassenger Vessel Seating and Interiors in the Age of a PandemicBy Zackery Reed, UES USA, Inc.D uring the July conference call of the PassengerAs an essential supplier to the United States Navy, we Vessel Associations Emerging Leaders Committee,have been able to continue to work throughout govern-the resounding topicment-ordered shutdowns. In of discussion was centeredfact, UES has been working around operating passengeraround the clock with our vessels in the COVID-19military and civilian partners, world we live in today. Theincluding passenger vessel members of the Emergingoperators, to ensure that the Leaders Committee sharedproducts supplied will allow ideas and talked about theyour operations to run in a continuity of business duringproactive and safe manner. this pandemic. To hear theEasy to clean benches are a good optionSolving these transportation up-and-coming leaders in ourfor safe seating. Credit: UES Seating.issues during COVID-19, one industry discuss solutions wasof the most challenging times a refreshing and positive guiding light through these times.we have experienced in our lifetime, will ensure that the Through this passage I would like to share some insightmost vulnerable operations have the right information to on how to continue being proactive during this pandemic,continue to enhance cleanliness and hygiene and ensure and ways to continue your operations in a safe way when itvessel passengers that the environment they are entering comes to your marine interior and vessel layout. is safe. 16AUGUST 2020FOGHORN'