b'FOGHORNFOCUS: SAFETYVideo Tutorial 101: Seven Things to ConsiderBy Adam Rainbolt, FOGHORN Magazine Internto enhance the video. To avoid a shaky video, use a tripod, or place your camera on a stationary object. 3. Background/SettingMake certain that the areas where you plan to shoot the video look good on camera. Remove distracting or unsightly items within the cameras view that may interfere with viewers attention from your message.4. LightingA well-lit video with an average Wendella Sightseeing Boats videos help passengers and crew know what to expect as a result of the coronavirus.camera often looks better than a poorly-I n the not-so-distant past, video production required expensive, high-endlit video with a great camera. Choose a Credit: Wendella Sightseeing Boats. time of day when the lighting is best equipment, highly-paid professional videographers and sound systemin order to make visual quality look personnel, a studio, and experienced editors to produce a quality product.as good as it can be. Visme.co, recom-Today, with the technological advancement inside your Smartphone or tablet,mends filming outdoors on a cloudy you can produce a decent video on your own. This is good news, because in theday, very early in the morning (60 middle of worldwide health crisis, you dont want to overspend while communi- minutes after sunrise), or in the evening cating critical information to your customers, community, crew, and regulatory/ (an hour before sunset). For filming health agencies about what your passenger vessel operation is doing now to stopinside, choose places with natural light the spread of COVID-19. and/or adding lighting (overhead or table lamps). Avoid having too much Here are seven things to consider when making a safety video: light behind the subject, as that can 1. Plan make them look silhouetted. Again, Think about what you want to accomplish, create an outline, and then write apractice fi rst.script that is clear and concise with easy to pronounce words for the narrator(s).5. SoundThink about how long you want your video to be beforehand to determine howWhile the camera capabilities on much information to put in your script (as a general rule, the average personSmartphones and tablets are pretty speaks 120-150 words per minute according to Publication Coach Daphne Gray- good, the sound elements may need Grant) surrounding your focus.work. Visme.co suggests using an Your focus may be: Making clear that face masks are required and worn by all;external dedicated audio recorder to Demonstrating social distancing on your docks and vessels; Explaining cleaning/ simply and reliably capture audio. The sanitizing protocols aboard the vessel and in terminals; Encouraging passengersquality of external microphones varies, and crew to clean their hands frequently.but even the simplest ones can make a Look ahead at what editing software you will be using to know what youbig difference. If microphones are not can include in your video. For instance, some editing software allow for differentan option, carefully think about how layers (images or text placed on top of the original video) while others do not.far away your subjects are and how This capability would allow you to replace some of the narration with on-screenmuch background noise there is. For visuals added after fi lming.instance, beware of static, wind, others Decide between an on-screen presenter (perhaps with added visuals, iftalking, etc. If you are worried about possible) and an off-screen narrator talking over images and videos, or a combi- your sound quality, consider having nation of both. an off-screen narrator as this will allow 2. Camera you to have more control of your audio If you have access to a professional-grade camera (and experienced videogra- and makes microphones much less pher), by all means, take advantage of it. If not, a Smartphone or tablet may doimportant because you are able to be the job. Practice with a few different devices to choose the one that will work bestsignificantly closer to your recording keeping in mind: picture/video quality, adequate storage, and available settingsdevice. 12AUGUST 2020FOGHORN'