b'MEMBERNEWSZF Partners with Sewing Company to MakeEducational Scholarship Grants Application 100,000 Face Masks for Community Deadline is June 30; One division of ZF partnered with a Michigan-based manufacturer to createApply Nowand deliver 100,000 face masks by the end of April. ZF Marine, another division ofAre there individuals in your or-this large German company, is a PVA Associate member.ganization who would benefi t from Developed for frontline healthcare workers and individu- fi nancial assistance to help attain ed-als in the community with high risk for infection, such as soupucational goals to boost their profes-kitchens, nursing homes and other essential organizations,sional career in the passenger vessel these masks will contribute to the fi ght against the contagionindustry? If so, encourage them as ZF shifts production of some of its normal automotive safetyto apply for a scholarship grant products to this now critically needed item. sponsored by the Passenger Vessel The world is facing a situation unlike anything our genera- Foundation.Martin Fischer, tion has seen before and while the challenge may seem impos- The deadline to apply for a President, sible, now more than ever, its the support of each and every ZF North America individual and company working together that is truly makingscholarship grant sponsored by the a difference, said Martin Fischer, president of ZF North America and memberPassenger Vessel Foundation is June of the Board of Management of the ZF Group. Its an honor for us to join in the30. This grant provides fi nancial as-fi Foghorn Ad 1|1/4p|3.375 x 4.875 sistance toward attaining education- ght to help protect frontline healthcare workers and everyone who is caring foral goals for those who wish to boost others during this diffi cult time. We hope we can not only do our part to make atheir career in the passenger vessel difference, but to encourage others to contribute as we get through this together. industry. According to the CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response option when otherWhile applying is easy to do, it supplies have been exhausted. These masks are NOT intended to replace N95is a two-step process that requires masks. nSCHOLARSHIP, CONTINUED ON PAGE 41PROPSPEED Propellers | Rudders | Shafts | Struts is effective on: |Trimtabs|IPSdrives|ThrustersKeel coolers | Underwater lights (clear coat) | Any underwater metal surfaceWith the launch of Southern Cross on March 10, 2020PROPSPEED can be used on boats of all types & sizesBothrecreationalandcommercial,fromsport-fishers, South Ferry proudly welcomes the 3rd Blount boat to our fleet. We greatly appreciate the craftsmanship, unwaveringcruisers, sailboats and superyachts to work boats like ferries, responsiveness and attention to detail of the entiretrawlers, tugboats, research ships and patrol boats.shipyard team throughout construction. It has been highly rewarding for our family to observe the mutual respect maintained between South Ferry engineering and maintenance professionals and their Blount counterparts!~ Bill Clark, South Ferry Save on your boats running costsHaving clean props and running gear lowers maintenance BUILT TO SERVE BUILT TO LAST BUILT BY BLOUNT costs, reduces corrosion and decreases fuel burn.401.245.8300info@blountboats.comBLOUNTBOATS.COM WARREN, RI www.propspeed.com40MAY 2020FOGHORN'