b'LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTSharing Our COVID-19saw a few weeks into it was all of our tour Experiences Helps Othersoperator partners came to us to look for as-Understand the Passengersistance. They were trying to get people Vessel Industry instead of canceling to rebook. We were asked to shorten cancellation periods and As the coronavirus pandemic continues tojust be adaptive to what their needs were. wreak havoc worldwide, we fi nd ourselvesWe decided that if they were going to ask for more than ever wanting to share ourit, we were going to give it to them.stories of its effect on our lives and live- Colleen StephensFrom what Ive heard, many PVA lihoods. When a reporter from Fortunemembers have had similar experiences. Magazine asked to interview me for an articleNow, as we are beginning to hear from gov-she planned to write on the economic impact the virusernment officials that re-opening states may happen is having on seasonal businesses, I jumped at the chancesooner than later, we need to look forward. PVA has to tell the story. Thisdeveloped informa-is not just my story,tion to assist vessel although it is one thatoperators to prepare may resonate withfor this, just as our PVA members acrossassociation has been the nation.workingonour I was asked aboutbehalf throughout what our passengerthis crazy time on the vessel operationlegislative and regu-typically looks likelatory issues that we and what happenedneed now.when COVID-19 If you have an first raised its uglyopportunity to talk to head in my neck ofthe media about your the woods, here inoperation and your Valdez, Alaska.situation, I encourage To t h e f i r s tyou to do so. Sharing question I said, WeTo read the Fortune article in its entirety,your story could help do lots of work andgo tohttps://fortune.com/2020/04/23/ decision-making preparation pre- andcoronavirus-travel-tourism-jobs-business-impact- leaders understand post-season. Whatour unique industry were constantlycovid-19-alaska/ and the plight we working on opera- are facing that others tionally is vesselinthemaritime maintenance and vessel repairs as well as gettingcommunity are not. the boats ready for the season. Its kind of a yearlong As difficult as this situation is, I believe that both program. The other thing we do is recruit employeesas industry and individual vessel operators, we have and make sure were properly staffed. the wherewithal to overcome this challenge. ManyI also explained that were constantly marketingof us have already survived other challenges in the our vessel operation to book cruises when we open forpast: hurricanes, fl oods, recessions, oil spills, fi res, and the season.accidents.As I told Fortune Magazine, I think we areThese actions are not unique to my seasonal vesselpretty darn resilient. We will survive.operation in Alaska. In talking to many PVA members over the years, we all follow a similar pattern that hasSincerely,worked for years: Use the off-season to prep our vessels, hire staff to be ready for opening day, and always work on booking new business.But this year is different than any other. Regarding our fi rst inkling that this outbreak was going to severelyColleen Stephens impact our 2020 operating season, I told Fortune,wePresident n4MAY 2020FOGHORN'