b'MEMBERNEWSWashington, which specializes in the construction of aluminum work boats and passenger vessels, will receive $564,850 for a bridge crane, welding system, and compressor.These four PVA members received about $ 3.8 million of the total $19.6 awarded, or about 19 percent. In addition, several awards will be used to purchase travelifts, which should benefit PVA Associate member Marine Travelift, Inc., of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.PVAs legislative agenda for the current year includes an effort to convince Congress to increase funding for the Small Shipyard Grant program above the $20 million annually which has been customary in recent years.MARADs Small Shipyard Grant Program provides capital funding to assist eligible shipyards modernize operations, improve efficiency, and reap the benefits of increased productivity by investing in emerging technologies and a highly skilled workforce. The economic iimpact of American shipyards is nearly 400,000 jobs, $25.1 billion of labor income, and $37.3 billion in gross domestic product. Helping shipyards to upgrade and expand empowers this critical industry, allowing them to compete more effectively in a rapidly changing global marketplace. The capital provided to shipyards increases their repair and production foot- Chesapeake Shipbuilding builds PVA Vessel member American Cruise Lines prints and creates more jobs throughout the country.n overnight small ships, including American Harmony.MAY 2020FOGHORN 39'