b'C16 1000SOLID COMMERCIALH O R S E P O W E RDue to FPT Marine engine innovative design, FPT offers a 16L displacement in a 13L package size, making it compact enough for any application where an 18-19L torque is required, but space is premium. Furthermore, the C16 is designed and developed to be applied to workboat applications at 1000 Hp (for US market limited to 804 Bhp EPA Tier 3).FPT offers best-in-class torque per liter and per lbs. due to their unique bedplate blockAs the US Master Distributor, MSHS is committedstructure and CGI cylinder head, withoutto providing FPT products and 24/7 service support.sacrificing any engine durability or reliability.Call +1 954-763-3660 or 800-622-6747 or emailAdditionally, the unique exhaust manifoldenginesales@mshs.com for more information ondesign allows the use of twin turbochargersFPT engine solutions.in a way to create a long life of the component while achieving increased transient response at slow speed, meeting customer demands. www.mshs.com'