b'LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORDear President Trump have climbed into the billions of dollars, will be used to support PVAs ongoing advocacy So began PVAs letter to President Donaldefforts. Thanks go to those companies who Trump earlier this month urging him tosubmitted information to us.include U.S. passenger vessel operators,Grassroots Lobbying Effortwho are being hard hit by the coronavirusLeading up to the passage of the CARES outbreak, in forthcoming emergency stimulusAct (described below), PVA launched an ag-programs and funding.gressive grassroots letter writing campaign As part of Americas travel and trans- John Groundwater which encouraged PVA members to write portation sector, operators of U.S.-flaggedletters to Members of Congress to urge passenger vessels are suffering economicthem to provide emergency funding for the hardship and experiencing steep declines inU.S. passenger vessel industry.Many PVA reservations and ridership because of the coronavirusmembers participated in this important activity. Their outbreak. As tax-paying U.S. companies, employingaction helped greatly in the effort to help U.S. businesses thousands of U.S. citizens, we urge you to remember thein their time of need. important role that the passenger vessel industry plays in travel, tourism, and transportation by including ourCARES Act Creates New Payroll Protection Program industry in your economic relief plans,wrote PVA 2020for Financial Relief to U.S. Small Businesses during President Colleen Stephens. Coronavirus OutbreakThe letter also highlighted the important role thatAn emergency loan program for American small busi-U.S. ferries play in the Nations Transportation Systemnesses was approved by Congress and signed into law referencing also PVA memberby the President. The legislation companies who operate small U.S.- .we urge you to remember theestablishes the Payroll Protection flagged overnight cruise vessels,important role that the passengerProgram, which provides $350 differentiating them from the largevessel industry plays in travel,billion in emergency funds to small international cruise ship companies.tourism, and transportation bybusinesses and their employees. Colleen Stephens closed theSmall businesses employing letter by saying, Mr. President, theincluding our industry in yourfewer than 500 workers (permanent small passenger vessel industry iseconomic relief plans. and part-time) are eligible for Small an important player in our nationsBusiness Administration loans of travel, tourism and transportationup to $10 million. If loan proceeds markets. We need your help immediately and we urgeare used for allowable purposes, such as maintaining you to include our operators in your plans to provideemployee payroll, then the loan can be forgiven.economic assistance to U.S. businesses. The following are allowable uses for an SBA loan PVA leadership and staff felt it imperative to ensureunder this federal emergency program: that the Administration was aware of the need toPayroll Costssupport PVA member companiesVessel and AssociateCosts of Continuing Group Health Care Benefitsalikein the impending nationwide scramble for federalEmployee Compensation (including cash tips)assistance. Emphasizing our industrys role in travel,Renttourism and transportation was, and is, paramount inUtilitiesdifferentiating our industry from others. Interest on Prior Mortgages or other Debt Obligations The letter appears in full in this issue of FOGHORNPVA will continue to distribute information about how on page 6. PVA members can access the SBA loan program. Surveys of PVA Vessel and Associate MembersAs part of its effort to better understand the economicCARB Comment Period Extendedimpact of the coronavirus on our industry, PVA sentAmid this pandemic, PVA also sent a letter to the a survey to both Vessel and Associate members. TheCalifornia Air Resources Board (CARB) calling on survey asked members to estimate the economic damagethem to extend indefinitely a March 30 deadline for to their businesses in dollars if they were to be shut downcomments on Californias proposed Harborcraft rule. operations from March 1 through Labor Day because ofCiting that most, if not all, of Californias passenger the coronavirus outbreak. In addition, the survey askedvessel operators were either completely shut down or for the number of employees that would be laid off and the value of that payroll. This data, which appears toLETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CONTINUED ON PAGE 46APRIL 2020FOGHORN 5'