b'SAFETYMATTERSmaintenance in advance of the inspec- (if installed), and fuel shut-off valves a vessels hull and internal structure. tion and provide details on how theyLifesaving: PFD inspectionThis could be done virtually or by an are addressing and correcting thoseinspection by the local OCMI. In many items. The appropriate CG-840 book ortechnique, IBA/Life Float/Buoyantcases the local OCMI will ask that locally provided job aid will be used toApparatus equipment and installa- owners reps not be in the same space assess the condition of the vessel andtion (including hydrostatic release),as the Marine Inspector conducting an its equipment. This is a proactive stepEPIRB installation (including batteryinternal structural exam.designed to build trust between theexpiration date and hydrostaticDrydock extensions of up to one operator and the Coast Guard. release unit) year can be granted by the local OCMI The local Marine Inspector mayThe Marine Inspector has full dis- on vessels inspected under Subchapter request a live streaming discussion viacretion to require additional docu- T. Owners and/or operators of vessels Skype or Facetime or accept video(s) ofmentation, attestation of credentialedinspected under Subchapter K and the operator demonstrating satisfactorymariners, pictures, or videos through- H must submit drydock extensions operations of the following equipmentout the virtual inspection, and mayto Coast Guard Headquarters for and systems:also require a follow-up visit to verifyapproval. The only exception is for Bilge system: Pumps, bilge high- equipment or systems in person. Thevessels operating on the Great Lakes level alarms use of a virtual inspection is not a waywhere the District Commander can Machinery: Engines, generator (ifto avoid having the Coast Guard ongrant drydock extensions for up to one installed) board an inspected vessel. year. Electrical: Batteries and main distri- Drydock Extensions As a general rule, fi nancial hardship bution panel for conditionThe Coast Guards MSIB 09-20alone is not considered a reason to Firefi ghting: Fire pump (if installed),discusses extensions of up to one yeargrant a drydock extension; however, fi once acceptable objective evidence isin these extraordinary times, the Coastxed fi refi ghting equipment checksprovided assessing the condition ofGuard has signaled a willingness to be ZF Propulsion System Technology.EXCEED GLOBAL EMISSIONS STANDARDS For the dependable, on-time service Operate a lightweight vessel equippedyou provide.with hybrid or electric engines. Reduce ZFs line of propulsion technologyfrom transmissions and your operating and maintenance costs.thrusters, to propellers and controlsprovides the optimal Minimize your environmental impact.solution for passenger ferry applications worldwide. We offer the control, reliability and performance youre looking for, BUILD A CARBON FIBER FERRY resulting in a turnkey propulsion system designed to meet your needs. ZF is ready to help keep you on-schedule.zfmarinepropulsion.comLearn about Americas only carbon T- and K-Class ferry builder:www.ARCADIA-ALLIANCE.com40APRIL 2020FOGHORN'