b'LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTWe Are Stronger Together fi nancial resources and keeps them informed I want to start this letter by wishing goodon our situation and actions. health to each of you and your employees,Be fl exible. Listen to your partners, tour families, friends and communities. As weoperators and coworkers. The policies of the all respond to the COVID-19 crisis, we needpast will not always work in our ever-chang-to first work to ensure the health of theing world. For example, consider relaxing loved ones surrounding us. I hope you allcancelation policies to meet the needs and are fi nding the time to create new normalrequests of tour operators and travelers. routines during these times of social distanc- Colleen Stephens Activate your networks. Each of us have ing and shelter at home that allow you tounique operating circumstances, but our remain strong.challenges are often shared. Reach Starting in mid-February we allout to your friends and neighbors began to realize that the impacts ofin the industry, even if they are the novel coronavirus, COVID-19,I would urge all of you to monitoryour direct competition. We will all would change our lives and busi- the PVA Member Updates sent bybe stronger if we survive and can nesses, however, none of us had anoperate past the COVID-19 crisis. idea how extreme this change wouldour association. Keep the most important be. As we navigate this situation thatthings in front of you and in per-is causing each member business tospective. Find positive, healthy evaluate, change and possibly ceaseroutines to distract you from the operations, I have found the collective supporting spiritpainful and heartbreaking decisions that are in front of of the Passenger Vessel Association (PVA) staff andyou each day. members to be one the more valuable assets our businessThank those around and supporting you often. has as we respond.None of the above items will change the fear we all are In times such as these, it is ever so important toexperiencing as we work to adapt, but they have kept us quickly identify what channels of communication youfocused on our approach. need to use to guide your thoughts, conversations andAs our segment of the economy struggles and works decisions. I would urge all of you to monitor the PVAto survive, we need to remember that it takes all of us, Member Updates sent by our association. These updatesPVA Vessel and Associate members, to be healthy both are coming to you more frequently so we can keep thephysically and fi nancially. We need to continue to work most pertinent information and resources fl owing yourtogether. I urge you to continue to reach out to PVA Staff, direction. These resources include the most up-to-date in- Board and myself with concerns, suggestions and needs. formation on fi nancial relief packages and tools to guideI want to be sure to thank the PVA staff and contrac-us to safe operations in a COVID-19 world. In addition totors. This fantastic team of professionals has been working the updates, the PVA Safety and Security Committee hastirelessly on our behalf and will continue to do so. They assembled a resources center of procedures, policies andhave been communicating with the Administration and guidelines that you can consider.Congress as relief packages are being crafted, working I want to share a few tips with you that my mentorswith regulators and members to gather guidelines and in tourism and the marine world have imparted on meexpress our needs, and responding to our calls. No matter over the last few weeks. We are working to incorporatewhat day of the week or the hour of the day they have them into our daily activities as we re-tool, redevelop,been there. and work to ensure our business survival: Wishing you and yours health and safety as you strive Remember the team that helped you get where youto identify your business or organizations path forward. are. All of your coworkers are essential to your past success and they will be essential to your futureSincerely,success. Do what is in your ability to ensure their physical and economic health. Communicate, communicate, communicate to your team, lenders, community, trade associations, and regulators. Create routine times to reach out to all whoColleen Stephens support you. For example, we have created a weeklyPresident nletter to our seasonal staff that provides them with 4APRIL 2020FOGHORN'