b'SAFETYMATTERSseeking operators to conduct virtual in- Crew drills within the past 30EPIRB registration (if required)spections, PVA has developed a recom- days (type of drill(s), crew- Vessel Security Plan/Alternate mended framework they could proposemembers present, and dateSecurity Plan (PVA ASP Certifi cate to their local OCMI. The framework isof drill(s)) of Eligibility for current year or located in the Member Resource area ofFirefi ghting and lifesaving servicingapproval letter for Security Plan, and the PVA website at www.passengerves- most recent: drill, annual exercise, sel.com under Safety and Security tools. certifi cate(s) (as required) audit, and assessment)The PVA framework is contingentDrug/Alcohol Program verifi cationVessel operators will need to on several factors, including: (expiry date of consortium member- identify any issues or deficiencies The request would likely be forship, enrolled crewmembers) noted during routine checks and Annual and Periodic inspec-tions. Five-year Inspections for Certification may not be treated in the same way, but perhaps some areas could be addressed virtually with a brief in-person follow up in-spection.The Coast Guard will use Risk Based Decision Making in deter-mining if the vessel is eligible for a virtual inspection. (See CG-CVC Policy Letter 16-05, Change 1, Dated April 6, 2017 for more information) The Coast Guard will look at the vessels construction material, route of op-erations, casualty history, defi ciencyhistory, and use of a safety manage- Hybrid & Zero Emission Solutionsment system in evaluating eligibility.ABB is making sustainable solutions a realityVessel representatives ability to usefor ferries accross Americas.Learn more at:technology such as video, camera,new.abb.com/marineFacetime, and Skype.Availability of records and documen-tation to provide objective evidence of compliance with required docu-mentation regulations.Availability of crew members to operate machinery and in some cases conduct drills.Accessibility of spaces and adequate lighting to conduct inspections via smartphone, tablet, etc. Vessel operators will work with their local OCMI on expectations if a virtual exam is approved. Operators should be prepared to provide the following documents and information electronically:Certifi cate of Documentation (COD)FCC Station LicenseFCC Safety Telephony Certificate (with verifi ed equipment)Merchant Mariner Credentials (with endorsements) & USCG medical cardAPRIL 2020FOGHORN 39'