b"PVA WORKING FOR YOUthis time, employers should considerto meet the federally required 50%System Information reports to the mobile collection services for requiredrandom testing level for their coveredCoast Guard.testing if the fixed-site collection fa- employees for the calendar year.The cilities are not available.However,AMS Announces Emergency Collector if you are completely unable to test,guidance explains that the Coast GuardTraining Programsimply document why a test was notwill consider exercising enforcementTo help operators meet their testing completed and be sure to keep compre- discretion if companies maintain theirrequirements during these challeng-hensive records. DOT also encourageddrug testing programs throughouting times, American Maritime Safety, employers to be sensitive to employeesthe pandemic and clearly articulateInc. (AMS), a PVA Associate Member, who concerned about going to collec- and report the challenges and delaysa drug and alcohol testing consor-tion sites, stating, DOT asks employersfaced in their end of year Managementtium which also provides support to verify with the clinic or collection site that it has taken the necessary precau-tions to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19.U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Information Bulletin 10-20The U.S. Coast Guard also published guidance for continuing with drug and alcohol testing during this pandemic inThe European World Leader, the Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB) 10-20 entitled COVID-19 proudly serving America's nest !Guidance for Maritime Operators onReservations, Check-In, Port Automation, ePoSCompliance with Federal Drug Testing Requirements.In the MSIB, the Coast Guard states that testing must continue for post-casualty testing for serious marine incidents, reasonable cause testing, and pre-employment testing. However, there is an opportunity to request a waiver of pre-employment testing for credential mariners who have been covered by another random testing program for at least 60 days within the last 365 days.For random testing the MSIB states, operators are encouraged to adjust random selection dates and use their own office employees or mariners to administer the drug tests during the pandemic emergency.Virtual training options are also available on-line to certify urine collectors.Highlighting the Coast Guards pragmatic approach and understand-ing of the challenges facing operators explained in this MSIB, PatrickWe care about your CustomersMannion, U.S. Coast Guard Office of Investigation and Analysis, Drug andWorldwide, we serve over 33 million passengers, 5 million Alcohol Prevention and Investigationvehicles and over a million cargo units annually.Program Manager writes in the Coast Guard Maritime Commons blog that,From whale watching to fine dining and from bay crossingsThe MSIB does provide a viableto ocean voyages; Carus has the answer. pathway for companies to avoid Coastwww.carus.comGuard enforcement action if they fail APRIL 2020FOGHORN 35"