b'MEMBERSHIPMATTERSPVA members are committed to protecting the health andeconomic injury as a result of the coronavirus outbreak may safety of both passengers and crew. Links to guidelines arebe able to obtain Small Business Administration (SBA) low-included. interest disaster loans for working capital. Details are PVA Urges President Trump to Provide Economic Relief forincluded about the SBA loans. the U.S. Passenger Vessel Industry Suffering FinancialPVA Needs Your Help! (issued March 20)Impacts of the Coronavirus (issued March 17) PVA leaders and staff have been pressing Congress and the Summary: The Passenger Vessel Association sent a letter toPresident to provide immediate emergency economic assis-President Trump urging him to take immediate action totance for all of its members-vessel operators and associates. include U.S. passenger vessel operators in the administra- PVA sought help from members in a far-reaching grassroots tions plans to provide economic assistance to Americanlobbying effort targeting both the House and Senate. businesses that have experienced fi nancial hardship due toCoronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Mariner the coronavirus. [Editors Note: a reproduction of this letter canCredentialing Program Impacts (issued March 23)be found in this issue of FOGHORN on page 6.] Summary: The U.S. Coast Guard published Marine Safety PVA Works With Congress to Establish EmergencyInformation Bulletin (MSIB) 08-20 announcing several updates Assistance for U.S. Passenger Vessel Operators Injured bybased on the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective March 19, 2020, Coronavirus (issued March 17) the Coast Guards 17 Regional Examination Centers (REC) Summary: A coalition of PVA small overnight cruiseand three Monitoring Units (MU) are closed to the public operators, and other members of the passenger vesseluntil further notice. This notice provides websites, phone industry have drafted and sent proposed language to thenumbers, and email addresses for affected centers and Senate that would provide fi nancial assistance and regula- departments for more information. tory relief for all passenger vessel operators.CARES Act Creates New Paycheck Protection Program SBA Disaster Loan Program Help With Coronavirusfor Financial Relief to U.S. Small Businesses during Economic Injury (issued March 17) Coronavirus Outbreak (issued March 27)Summary: Certain small businesses suffering substantialSummary: An emergency loan program for small business-Refit & RepairSistership Currently Under Constuction C HICAGOSE MERALDL ADY 98 (30m) Steel Passenger VesselQuality Commercial Vessels. Built by Burger to Your RequirementsBurger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service.Refit and Repair Services Aluminum and Steel FabricationPassenger Vessels- Hull Plate Replacement +1 920.686.5117 Water Taxis- Exterior and Interior Coatings sales@burgerboat.com- Engine & Generator RepowersHICAGOSMERALDL ADY Wind Farm Support Vessels burgerboatcommercial.comE - All Vessel System Repairs C Crew Supply Vessels Other Vessels to 260 (80m)- Interior Refresh Proudly built in the USA24APRIL 2020FOGHORN'