b'MEMBERSHIPMATTERSPVA Keeps Members InformedBy Karen Rainbolt, FOGHORN Managing EditorT he health pandemic the world is facing today is like notimely details of federal efforts to relieve economic hardship other that modern civilization has faced in more thanand other legislative and regulatory matters relating to the 100 years. Everything has tilted and fi nding balancepassenger vessel industry on state and national levels. Since has become a challenge for many. At PVA, we understandmid-March, more than a dozen different Special Member that our industry is being affected differently than someUpdates were emailed to PVA members. others in the commercial maritime arena and our responseIf you have not been receiving the Special Member Updates, toand foryou is our primary concern.and would like to be added to the list, please send an email Rest assured that the entire PVA staff is working as hardto pvainfo@passengervessel.com with the subject line Add as we ever have on your behalf. Countless phone calls,Me to the PVA Member Update List. virtual meetings, and emails have fi lled the days these pastBelow is a recap of the Special PVA Member Updates that weeks to anyone and everyone to may have answers to yourwere issued from March 10 to April 6. questions and alleviate the anxiety and concerns you have asCoronavirus 2020 Update (issued March 10)passenger vessels operators.Summary: Describes the unique characteristics of the virus HERE ARE SOME OF THE WAYS WERE WORKING FOR YOU: and offers guidance from the Centers of Disease Control and Special Member Updates Prevention (CDC).As information and situations quickly unfold on theStatement of the Passenger Vessel Association on the novel coronavirus COVID-19, PVA has been working toCoronavirus (issued March 11)keep members up-to-date, primarily through a series ofSummary: Recognizing the importance of undertaking Special PVA Member Updates. These communiqus offeractions to combat the spread of Coronavirus in the U.S., NEW PRODUCTS, SAME LEVEL OF TRUST & DURABILITY.Introducing Highly Configurable Vessel System Monitoring & SMART Alarm Device Power Assist Get-homeSteeringDrivesStabilizers Reversing Thrusters Autopilot PumpKOBELT MANUFACTURING CO. LTD.+1 (604) 572-3935Surrey, BC, Canadawww.kobelt.com22APRIL 2020FOGHORN'