b'FOGHORNFOCUS: SHIPBUILDINGand naval architect from start to finish is necessary to achieveDetails matter. Every detail must be considered from the vessel objectives.regular operations to preventative maintenance and every-Saying that the passenger vessel industry is unique is anthing in between. Operators need to be confident that anyone understatement. Every waterway is different (coastal, inlandbuilding their vessels is looking at both the big picture as rivers, lakes, etc.). Vessel operations widely vary from ferrieswell as the smallest details. For example, was every detail to excursion/sightseeing to dinner boats to whale watchinganalyzed before the vessel design was completed? If possible, to day sailers to small overnight ships. And dont forgetdesign details should be set in stone as early as possible in private charters for weddings, proms, corporate events andthe construction process to stay on budget and on schedule. more. Plus, no two service routes are the same. Year-roundMaking it Goor seasonal? What makes this industry so interesting alsoA major component in the building of any vessel includes embeds some challenges that need to be thoroughly exploredthe propulsion system. More and more, we are seeing a shift when designing and building a new passenger vessel. This istoward high-efficiency/low emission passenger vessels. why an off-the-shelf vessel often doesnt lend itself to stretch- Compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ing and tweaks to complete the specific mission as a custom(EPA) standards as well as significantly reduced reductions vessel would. in fossil fuels over the life of the vessel are reasons why Passenger vessel operators are experts in running theiroperators are switching to Tier 3 and 4 engines or transi-operations and providing a variety of services that passen- tioning away from conventional propulsion systems. It is gers enjoy. Similarly, naval architects/designers and ship- important to discuss propulsion with the naval architect and builders are experts in the design and construction of vessels.shipbuilder to ensure that the vessel built is designed appro-From my perspective, I say that only a builder knows whatspriately for cleaner emitting vessels using materials that will needed to build the vessel and that goes along with signifi- allow the new vessel to perform as expected. cant interaction with the designer/engineer. When buildingToday, electric-hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technologies a vessel, its vital that all parties respect each others expertiseare being incorporated into propulsion systems on vessels and experiences.in the commercial marine industry, including passenger 18APRIL 2020FOGHORN'