b'Great Ideas.LETS TALK QUALITYGreat Ships.With a history of ferry design and construction for the U.S. market, Fincantieristrackrecordisatestamenttoinnovativethinking,to engineeringexpertise,toexpansivefacilities,andtoexperienced shipbuilding professionals in each of our 20 shipyards worldwide. The result is a diverse portfolio of proven designs, including the first dual-fuel ferryLNG/Dieselfor the North American market.For more information contact Michael Pinkham, Vice President Sales and Marketing, at 715.587.6960.www.fincantierimarinegroup.comFINCANTIERI BAY SHIPBUILDINGFINCANTIERI MARINETTE MARINEFINCANTIERI ACE MARINEFMG-20-107-FOGHORN-APRIL.indd 1 3/24/20 2:29 PM'