b'FOGHORNFOCUS: SHIPBUILDINGFinding the Right Shipbuilder for Your VesselBy Matt Mullett, All American MarineEnhydra is an electric-diesel vessel owned and operated by Red and White Fleet for service on San Francisco Bay. Photo: All American Marine.A s most PVA members know, when a new vessel ismany of us have gravitated toward constructing vessels that required, it usually begins as an idea. After carefulwork well for our core customer base as well as our labor deliberation and consultation with staff and financialforces training and experience, our machinery, and the re-experts, vessel owners often create a comprehensive list oflationships we have cultivated with suppliers who can get vessel requirements and reach out to work directly with theus the materials we need at fair prices. For example, my firm builder or in some cases with a naval architect. Once finan- specializes in building aluminum hydrofoil assisted catama-cially qualified, many shipyards will work hand-in-handrans. We have found that this design has several advantag-with the vessel owners to bring their ideas to life. This ises. In this case for example, the hydrofoil creates lift which normally accomplished by creating a set of general arrange- reduces fuel consumption and enhances vessel performance. ment drawings that illustrate the layout and appearance ofOver the years, weve worked with our designer to refine the new vessel. Some organizations such as governments orthe design characteristics to ensure high-speed travel, low quasi-government organizations may take a more formalwake wash, increased fuel efficiency, and fully customizable and expensive route, such as a request for proposal or RFPdepending on the application of the vessel. assembled by a marine design firm. (PVA Vessel members areOther shipbuilders have similar specialties. For instance, fortunate to have so many reputable, qualified shipbuilderstheres a builder in the northeast that constructs a great many and naval architects to draw from among the PVA Associatepilot boats or others that specialize in the use of composite membership.) So, after the builders have been contacted ormaterials such as fiberglass or even carbon fiber. an RFP has been issued how should a vessel operator chooseAs a vessel operator, you should consider what you a shipbuilder for their project? really need in order for your vessel to perform proficiently for your area, your operating conditions, and requirements. Expertise and Experience Then, explore who does what you need at the price you can You have undoubtedly noticed that many shipbuildersafford on the timeline you desire. Finding a shipyard that tend to build a specific type or style of vessel. Over the years,delivers high value vessels on time, on budget and one that 14APRIL 2020FOGHORN'