b'SPECIALFOCUS: COVID-19PVA Vessel Member: Sightseeing/ExcursionsJoe BurgardPresidentRed & White FleetSan Francisco, CA Long before any orders to close down or shelter in place were announced, we saw this coming. Because the Bay Area is a popular destination for Asian tourists, we usually USNS Comfort passes PVA member New York Waterway. have a sizeable percentage of start preparing for people eventually starting to getbackour business from that market. to work.When we noticed a significant After 9-11, ferry ridership aboard our vessels justdrop in bookings from that segment in late January/early about doubled because so many other commutingFebruary, we began making changes. We reduced the number options werent available. Today, we have the reverseof sailings as we anticipated that there would be less demand. problem. We have the ferries available, but no riders. ItsPlans were changed as needed. a serious issue that could have long-term consequences toSince March 16, we have been shuttered due to a multi-New York Waterway and the people who live and workcounty shelter-in-place order and are now working on two here. I know this situation is not unique to us. There areplans: a continuation plan and a recovery plan. As such we passenger vessel operators throughout the nation whohave applied for a disaster loan from the Small Business are dealing with this just as we are.Administration even before the CARES package was available. 2020-Gladding-Hearn_Ferry_Multi-Performance_MarineNews-FoghornandWorkboat.pdf 3 3/27/20 12:01 PMWHEN PERFORMANCE MATTERS MOST.GLADDING-HEARNSHIPBUILDINGDuclos Corporationgladding-hearn.com12APRIL 2020FOGHORN'