b'SPECIALFOCUS: COVID-19Vessel Member: Ferry Operator from the mainland to the island forplace to place and possibly spreading Robin Trinko-Russell vacations or weekend getaways.the virus. The following is a travel Vice President/Finance However, because of climate changeadvisory that we have posted on our Madeline Island Ferry Line creating warmer winters since 1998,website that was issued by the county La Pointe, WI we have run continuously five winterswhere Madeline Island is located:and all but 10 days in two additionalAshland County Travel Advisorywinters. Madeline Island is located in Ashland Then, this year the coronavirus hit.County. If you have already traveled here Because we service an island, we are anor are returning home to Ashland County essential business and we need to stayafter traveling or vacationing elsewhere, open to provide people on the islandyou must self-quarantine for fourteen with the ability to get to the mainlanddays in order to stop potential community as well as ship freight and supplies tospread. and from Madeline Island. Of course,In addition to the Ashland County most people are sheltering at home,advisory, Bayfield County is also so once again, we have a ferry systemmandating essential travel only, and that is under-utilized, but requires fuel,finally, the entire state was asked by captains, and crew to run.the governor to shelter-in-place. All of We are currently running limitedthese travel notices greatly impact the service because we have cut back onferry. At this point, it is our understand-the number of crossings we are doinging that due to state and federal recom-This year has been tough for us. Iton slower traffic days. For instance,mendations, we should expect to offer was too warm for the ice to fully formwe arent operating a ferry on Sundaylimited service until at least the end of where we operate on Lake Superior, soand only doing half-day of service on while were supposed to be a seasonalSaturday, primarily for the mail run.April, but many expect it will be longer. operator, we had to run ferries allAnother wrinkle to this strange newThis could be a problem for our regional through the winter with extra crewsworld is that were constantly cleaningeconomy, as well as us at Madeline that we hadnt planned to pay year- and disinfecting the ferries and theIsland Ferry Line. I call it the wealth round. Thats not financially sound forterminal. Again, this is an addedeffect. When customers feel good, they us because our business model isto runexpense in materials and extra dutiesbuy more; whereas, if theyre worried, 9 to 10 months a year, with the largestfor our employees.they will spend less. Our ferry is, for number of ridership coming over theTo complicate matters further, travelmany of our summer riders in particu-summer seasonbasically from touristsadvisories have been issued in our area,lar, optional. Ultimately, that will hurt and vacation homeowners comingdiscouraging people from moving fromour bottom line.PVA Vessel Member: Ferry OperatorRobert MatticolaDirector of Homeland Security & SafetyNew York Waterway Weehawken, NJThis photo of our ferry terminal probably sums it up best. This is our main terminal at 5:00 PM. As you can see, its empty when normally its packed with commuters. Were essentially down to just oneAn empty New York Waterway ferry terminal.route, and that doesnt carry many people now. Were hanging in there,area, usually one of the busiest placesworking drastically reducedhours. but its tough. The streets are emptyin the world.Thats difficult to manage in one of the and the river has little or no traffic. ItsMany employees have been tem- nations most expensive places to live. a dead zone here in the New York Cityporarily laid off, while others areThinking ahead we just need to 10APRIL 2020FOGHORN'