b'MEMBERNEWSAmerican Cruise Lines Founder Charles A. Robertson Passes Away; Son Charles B. Robertson Named New CEOThe founder of PVA member American Cruisewith the support of our executives and employees, will Lines, Charles A. Robertson, passed away on Februarycontinue our dedication to our guests and commitment 9 after a battle with cancer. He was 72. The Guilford,to growth. CT-based overnight small cruise ship line operates aCharles B. Robertson joined American Cruise Lines fl in 2003 and was named a Vice President in 2014. Hiseet of coastal cruise ships and riverboats in the U.S. Robertson served as the companys chairman anddirection at the company has been instrumental to chief executive. He also founded and led internationalAmerican Cruise Lines recent growth. Both his leader-sister brand Pearl Seas Cruises and owned Chesapeakeship and history with the Line make him ideally suited Shipbuilding in Salisbury, MD. to the Chief Executive role.The Board of Directors of American Cruise Lines,The award-winning operation has recently added Inc. appointed Charles B. Robertson as the companysnew modern riverboats to its fl eet of vessels to compete new Chief Executive Offi cer.with popular European models. All of the operations My father was a visionary and pioneer of thefl eet accommodate 100-200 passengers, and are built, cruise industry and it is an honor to lead the organi- crewed, and registered in the U.S.With over 35 itin-zation he created, Robertson said. My brothers anderaries in 25 states, American Cruise Lines operates I have followed in his footsteps and will rememberon the waterways of New England, Alaska, the Pacifi c him as a tremendous leader, mentor, and father. WeNorthwest, the Mississippi River system, and the have prudently worked toward this transition, andSoutheast. nEachyear,thousandsofpreventablemaritime accidents are caused by operator inattention, cited twice as frequently as the next leading factor. The Furuno BR500 Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) helps to prevent these accidents.Scan this code with your smart phone for a Guided Tour of the BR500.www.FurunoUSA.comMARCH 2020FOGHORN 45'