b'NEWSWIREApply Now for FTA Ferry GrantsRandom Drug Testing Rate Stays atThe Federal Transit Administration 50 Percent for Covered Vessel Workers (FTA) is currently receiving proposals under its Passenger Ferry Grant Program. The random drug testing rate for covered vessel crew membersSubmissions for this competitive grant remains unchanged at 50 percent for calendar year 2020, the U.S.program are due no later than March 30.Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register of December 27, 2019.An eligible applicant must be a public The Coast Guard requires marine employers to establish randomentity located in a federally-designated drug testing programs for covered crew members in accordance withurbanized area (that is, an area with a pop-section 16.230 of title 46 Code of Federal Regulations.Marine employersulation of 50,000 or more). The vessels can are required by section 16.500 to collect and maintain a record of drugcarry passengers only or passengers and testing data for each calendar year and submit this data to the Coastvehicles.Guard in a Management Information System (MIS) Report by MarchDuring this current funding round, 15 of the following year.nearly $30 million will be distributed. Each year, the Coast Guard publishes a notice reporting the resultsGrants must be used for capital projects, of random drug testing for the previous calendar years MIS data. such as the purchase, repair, and modern-The minimum random drug testing rate is intended to deter andization of ferry boats, terminals, and related detect illegal drug misuse in the maritime industry. The 50 percentfacilities. minimum random drug testing rate for 2020 is because the MIS dataFor more details about this funding for the most recent reporting year indicated that the positive rateopportunity, google Passenger Ferry continues to be greater than one percent. n Grant Program FY 2020 Notice of Funding Opportunity.n8-500kW Marine Generators// Pull harder in the harshest marine environments// More copper & premium corrosion resistance// Superior motor starting & low operating temps// Better fuel economy & longer engine life// Easy to service & worldwide dealer support// Proudly made in America1.800.777.0714 toll freewww.merequipment.comMARCH 2020FOGHORN 43'