b'SAFETYMATTERSPVA Safety and By Eric Christensen, Security Committee Director of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management UpdateO n February 2, 2020, the PVA Safety and Securityand House staffs on the bill introduced by Senator Feinstein Committee met to discuss current work products(D-CA).and developing initiatives and issues of concern.The following comments were provided to the PVA The Conception Fire Legislative Committee:As mentioned in Ed Welchs column, there are legislativeIn the definition of Covered Small Passenger Vessel the bills introduced into the U.S. House and Senate in responsecommittee recommended the definition include reference to the Conception casualty. The PVA Safety and Securityto overnight passenger accommodations. Committee reviewed a working document from the SenateTwo means of egress would be required to an open deck Commerce, Science, and Transportation committee staff tofrom general areas accessible to passengers. Open Deck PVA seeking comments. Our Safety and Security Committeeis defined in Subchapters K and T as open to atmo-was pleased to see that the current working document incor- sphere. Does this mean all below deck accommodations porated nearly all the comments provided by PVA to Senateand passenger spaces to exit directly to an open deck? MARCH 2020FOGHORN 39'