b'HOW PVA BENEFITS YOUcommercial vessels and in navigablecidental discharges as required inMarine Event Permitting Processchannels. The video featured a numberthe Vessel Incidental Discharges Act.PVAs Regulatory Committee is of PVA member vessels and wasRegulatory changes of discharges ofalso engaging the U.S. Coast Guard in released last year. The Watersportsparticular interest to PVA membersmaking improvements to their Marine Foundation has once again asked PVAare those impacting greywater, ballastEvent Permitting process. This follows to participate in making another video,water, and deck run-off. These rulesissues raised by PVA members all over and the association is glad to help. PVAwill also impact the creation of Nothe country regarding safety concerns appreciates this partnership with theDischarge Zones, which PVA has seen aof events and a lack of opportunity Watersports Foundation and NASBLAgrowing number of these designationsto provide input before a permit is to promote safety nationwide.in waters around the country.issued. While the Coast Guards official Vessel Discharge Regulations Currently, this regulation of inciden- Permitting Guide may say one thing, tal discharges falls under the authorityin reality PVA operators have expe-The Regulatory Committee alsoof the EPAs Vessel General Permitrienced the opposite when it comes discussed impending regulations(VGP), which applies to commercialto timely notification and comment. of incidental vessel discharges. Thevessels greater than 79 feet in length orCommittee representatives plan to Committee has learned that a Noticeany size commercial vessel which dis- meet with the Coast Guards headquar-of Proposed Rulemaking is likely to becharges ballast water.ters Office of Waterways Management issued sometime in the first half of 2020.As you may remember, PVA suc-The Committee will be on the lookoutcessfully advocated for the permanentteam to further discuss these challenges and prepared to comment.exemption of small vessels (thoseand options for improvements to the The proposed regulations comeunder 79 feet) from the requirementsprocess. from Congress instructions to theof the VGP. The Vessel IncidentalThank you to all PVA Regulatory Environmental Protection AgencyDischarge Act statutorily establishedCommittee members. Their service is (EPA) to rewrite standards for all in- this exemption.working for you. nKEEPING BAY AREA FLEETS IN SERVICE FOR OVER 40 YEARSBay Ship and Yacht makes it a priority to per-form on-time, quality service for all vessels. We are a full service shipyard cosistently serving Al- 5 1 0 . 3 3 7 . 9 1 2 2 ameda, San Francisco Bay, the west coast andwww.bay-ship.com the worlds maritime industry for over 40 years. A l a m e d a , C AMARCH 2020FOGHORN 35'