b'HOW PVA BENEFITS YOUHow PVA Benefits YouBy Jen Wilk, Director, Public AffairsPVA Regulatory Committee Is Working for Youand Development on Issues Impacting Your BusinessA t the PVA Annual ConventionLed by Steve Jones, Gatewaysafety for all users when it comes to at MariTrends 2020 heldClipper Fleet, Pittsburgh, PA, the PVAsharing the waterways. The newest in Tampa, Florida the PVARegulatory Committee is taking aproject in which PVA is participat-Regulatory Committee met to discusspro-active approach to engaging ouring is led by the National Association and advance its work on a numberregulators and other industry stake- of State Boating Law Administrators of regulatory issues that impact yourholders to take on the issues impacting(NASBLA) and is to update the Guide business. The Regulatory Committee isyour business. While the Committeeto Multiple Use Waterways. The Guide made up of a group of PVA vessel anddiscussed a number of items that itsto Multiple Use Waterways is a tool for associate members, with years of expe- working on, the following are a fewresource managers, planners, regula-rience working in the passenger vesselareas to highlight of particular interest. tors, and other waterway stakehold-industry, who volunteer their time anders and professionals who are trying expertise to further PVAs missionsRevising the Guide to Multiple to make sense of an evolving body of safety, security, and environmentalUse Waterways of information about multiple use stewardship of operations while alsoFor some time, the PVA Regulatorywaterway issues and conflicts and to advancing policies which benefit theCommittee has been working onhelp develop site-appropriate ways for business health of the industry.getting the message out regardingcoming to terms with them.Several PVA Regulatory Committee members have volunteered to serve on the steering committee for this project. Thank you to Terri Bernstein, BB Riverboats, Steve Jones, Gateway Clipper Fleet, and Chris Gallup, Hornblower Cruises and Events, for their efforts. The steering committee will work for much of this year on revising the Guide, with the intended release date of this new edition to be December 2020. PVA is excited to learn from NASBLA that it plans the updated version of this resource to significant-ly build upon earlier releases. Since the latest edition issued in 2004, the nations waterways, user demands, risks, and potential mitigation strate-gies and best practices have changed and will continue to evolve. In response, the Third Edition design will be formatted as an electronic tool kit providing links to reports and other information to make the Guide more relevant and accessible to audiences who would logically benefit from updated content.As you may know, PVA participat-ed in a video for recreational boaters promoting safety while operating near 34MARCH 2020FOGHORN'