b'MARKETINGInstagram or TikTok?About TikTokBy Meghan Speer, Marketing Support Network TikTok is a video-sharing social I n the ever-changing social media landscape, it can be hard to decide what to gonetworking service used to create short all in on and what trends to avoid. When it comes to platforms like TikTok orlip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. Usage is on the rise, with year-old reports stating Instagram, I think you have one absolutely you need to do and one dontthat TikToks U.S. unique visitors stood at worry about that. 14.3 million. First, the dont worry about that would be TikTok. The main demograph-ic on the platform are people between 12-18 years old. In the case of passengerAbout InstagramInstagram is an American photo and video-sharing social net-working service owned by Facebook. Is ElectricStatista estimates there are 107 million Instagram users in the U.S. and growing. Right For vessels, the middle and high school You? crowd likely are not your target demo-graphic, so its best to not waste time or resources building an audience on a platform who likely wont purchase tickets.Instagram, on the other hand, has a rapidly growing demographic in the 25-45 year old category and is a great Lets talk about it place to showcase all the amazing sights seen from your boat. The key to Instagram is making each post feel Torqeedo Inc. T +1 (815) 444 8806 genuine and not like an ad. You want 171 Erick Street, Unit A - 1 usa@torqeedo.com people to like the content so much that Crystal Lake, IL 60014 www.torqeedo.com they cant wait to go take Insta-worthy photos themselves. Instagram is also a great place to interact with your customers. Make sure you have a plan in place so that when people tag you in photos or hashtag your company attention to detail name, you can thank them for that and respond to their comments.My advice: You dont have to be ev-erywhere but commit to being excellent wherever you choose to be. No matter what platforms you choose, have a strategy in place for the content you will put out and a plan to engage and respond. Those pieces will bring you success on any platform. nAbout the AuthorMeghan Speer is the CEO of PVA Associate member Marketing Support Network which is located near Pittsburgh. She has spoken at the PVA Annual Convention at www.beurteaux.com MariTrends and offers guidance and support to PVA Vessel members. 26MARCH 2020FOGHORN'