b'FOGHORNFOCUS: CONVENTION REVIEWThe award is named in honor of the late PVA Vessel member David Clark of Golden Gate Ferry who made sig- FOGHORN encourages PVA members to contribute editorial and nificant contributions to PVA andphotographs. For the 2020 FOGHORN Editorial Calendar and FOGHORN Magazine. Writers Guidelines are online at www.foghornmagazine.com or This years winners are: contact Karen Rainbolt at krainbolt@passengervessel.com.Robert Tarrant, Boston Harbor Cruises, Boston, MA, received the award for his insightful article on acquiring new vessels, The Need for a New Vessel: Vessel Refi t or New Vessel Construction? that appeared in FOGHORNs April 2019 edition. MargaretFoster-Roesner , Hornblower Group, San Francisco, CA, for her three-part series on envi- Public Tickets & ronmental sustainability and corporate values. The series, EnvironmentalPrivate ChartersSustainability and Creating Shared.Values in the Maritime Sector,.ttooggeetthheerraattllaassttappeared in the July and September 2019 issues and the January/February 2020 edition of FOGHORN.EFFORTLESSEFFORTLESSRESERVATIONS CONTRACTSJB Turner, Arcadia Alliance/Front+ TICKETING for Private ChartersStreet Shipyard, Belfast, ME, wrotefor Public Cruises and Group Bookingsan in-depth article on carbon fiber as a possible construction material for shipbuilding passenger vessels.Integrated online,Custom PDF contracts His article, Is Carbon Fiber in Ourphone and walk-upwith fully-trackable Future? was published in April 2019. bookings versioningMark Hansen of DBC Marine SafetyAutomated conrmation,Support for private reminder and follow-upcharters, schools and Systems, Survitec Group explainedemails tour groupsthe importance of proper maintenance of personal flotation devices aboardMarketing and SearchDetailed reports for all passenger vessels. His piece,Engine Optimizationevent planning and Preserving the Life of Your Vessels(SEO) nancial trackingPFDs Could Safe the Live of Someone at Risk, can be found in the AugustPersonalized set-up, 2019 issue of FOGHORN.training and supportResource tracking for included multi-use inventoryCaptain Timothy Nease, Firearm Training Specialists, LLC, Graysville, PA, for his article about what vessel operators need to know to secure their vessels in the event of a mass shooting.Manage your entire His article, Safety and Security inbusiness from a single, the Passenger Vessel Industry wasintegrated platformpublished in the December 2019 issue. nSCHEDULE A DEMOWWW.STARBOARDSUITE.COMMARCH 2020FOGHORN 25'