b'FOGHORNFOCUS: CONVENTION REVIEWThe crew became aware of two more swimmers who were downriver of the pier that had made it to one of the day markers for the Jamestown Yorktown Foundations channel, Ripley reported. These swimmers were too far away from the pier for aAlert Notificationslife ring, plus they were about 1,300 feet from shore. With not much to holdMaintenance Forecastingon to and a strong ebb current theyImplementation Support wouldnt be able to hold on there for a long period. So while Nate and ReggieDrill & Inspection Integrationwere assisting the young lady, the rest of the ferry crew lowered the ferrysParts Recommendations rescue boat to retrieve them. Inventory Management Ripley said, The weather and sea conditions, while no problem for theRepair Cost Reportingferry, were another matter for the 14-ft rescue boat. Yet the boat was quicklyKey Performance Indicators 978-562-5211 x 2lowered and Wayne Harper and Gregwww.WheelHouseTech.comCrocker manned it without hesitation. They quickly motored over to the two swimmers and retrieved them both in the small boat. They then brought them over to the upriver ramp, which the rest of the crew had lowered to the waters edge. They were able to get the two young men up the ramp where James City County emergency services were waiting. None of the swimmers were injured.The ferry crew later learned thatALL AMERICAN MARINEthe three teens had intended to swim to a structure to dive from it, but itsINNOVATIVE. UNIQUE. PROVEN.distance and conditions were con-sidered difficult for even very strong swimmers. The crews practice water rescues on their training days, with the goal of being able to get the rescue boat in the water within fi ve minutes, Ripley reported. In this case, in rough seas and a pressure packed situation, they were able to have it in the water and ready to go in just a little over three minutes. While James City County emergency services arrived on the scene quickly, and are an extraordi-narily professional group, they had no means of performing a water rescue in a timely manner where the swimmers were. Had it not been for the quickALLAMERICANMARINE.comactions of the ferry crew, there mayRed and White Fleets Enhydra:have been a tragic outcome for one or more of the teen swimmers. n 128 Aluminum Monohull| 600 Passenger | Hybrid Electric PropulsionMARCH 2020FOGHORN 23'