b'FOGHORNFOCUS:CONVENTION REVIEWprograms, Dan and his team have reduced the number ofteenage swimmers who were in danger of drowning.safety incidents, reduced operational costs, and spearheadedAccording to Ripely, on Friday June 14, 2019, Captain new environmental practices. Ed Brooks and his crew of the 265-ft ferry Pocahontas were Acknowledging Johnsons expert knowledge andmaking their normal 1:30 PM departure from Scotland Wharf impactful leadership, Burgard said, Dan, with great cred- to Jamestown, VA. The wind was about 15 knots and seas ibility and respect, works closely with Sector San Francisco towere two to three feet, and not an issue for the ferry. guarantee both fl eet and regional issues are quickly resolvedUpon their arrival at Jamestown at approximately 1:48, and continues to lead the industrys efforts in the safe andthey were alerted to a struggling swimmer from Jamestown effective application of hybrid technology. Dans entire careerBeach that was upriver of the ferry pier and being taken by has been committed to the safety of others and, like Rogerthe current, Ripley reported in the award nomination. A Murphy, is an inspiration, mentor, and role model to thoseJames City County Sheriffs deputy soon arrived on scene with whom he serves. as emergency services had been called prior to the ferrys arrival. Ferry Crewmember Nathan Bradley retrieved one Captain Elizabeth Gedney Passenger Vesselof the ferrys life rings and made his way down the pier to Safety Award Winner the swimmer. He was met by Captain Reggie Kirton, who Jamestown Scotland Ferry, Surry VA was waiting on the pier to catch the ferry to begin his shift. Captain Ed Brooks, Engineer Joe Kisiliwycz, Captain ReggieFortunately the young lady was close to the pier and they Kirton, Crewmember Nate Bradley, Crewmember Tamara Soule,were able to get the life ring to her. Captain Kirton said that Crewmember Hugh Payne, Crewmember Wayne Harper, QMEDshe was already starting to go under and even after she was Greg Crocker, and Maintenance Electrician Al Stokes able to get the life ring, she was disoriented and started swimming away from shore. He shouted at her to get her Jamestown Scotland Ferry Facility Manager Wes Ripleyreoriented and she was able to make it back to shore, where nominated Captain Ed Brooks, who is a 40-year industryemergency services evaluated her.veteran, and his crew for the safe rescue of three strugglingHowever, the seriousness of the event was still unfolding. Refit & RepairSistership Currently Under Constuction C HICAGOSE MERALDL ADY 98 (30m) Steel Passenger VesselBurger is a aler Quality Commercial Vessels. Authorized De Built by Burger to Your RequirementsFor Burger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service.Aluminum and Steel FabricationRefit and Repair Services Passenger Vessels- Hull Plate Replacement +1 920.686.5117 Water Taxis- Exterior and Interior Coatings sales@burgerboat.com Wind Farm Support Vessels- Engine & Generator Repowersburgerboatcommercial.comINR FRIGERATIONCrew Supply Vessels- All Vessel System Repairs ON G & EE AIR CONDITIOther Vessels to 260 (80m)- Interior Refresh Proudly built in the USA MARIN 22MARCH 2020FOGHORN'