b'FOGHORNFOCUS:CONVENTION REVIEWTop left: 2019 PVA President (holding wheel) receives congratulations from Jay and Bonnie Spence and PVA Executive Director John Groundwater; Top right: Incoming 2020 PVA President Colleen Stephens presents parting gift to 2019 PVA President Bob Lawler. Bottom: Rear Admiral Timme address PVA leaders; Leadership Dinner Sponsor All American Marines Matt Mullett greets attendees aboard WWII vessel American Victory; PVA Past President Terry Wirginis with wife Pam and daughter Hannah Roth.PVA Leaders Dine on Historic Vessel 2019 PVA President Bob Lawler passed the gavel to newly elected 2020 By Karen Rainbolt, FOGHORN Managing Editor PVA President Colleen Stephens and she reciprocated by presenting him with an engraved ships wheel for T o gratefully acknowledge the countless hours of time, energy and effort thathis years of service to PVA. Then, she spoke about her background growing PVA members expended over the course of the past 12 months volunteer- up in Alaska and getting involved in ing on the Board of Directors, as region chairs, or on committees and specialher familys vessel business at the age projects, PVA invited these leaders to a special event in Tampa, FL.of seven. Today, she is the company Held on the historic World War II warship American Victory, which remainspresident of the operation that bears her a functioning vessel and a museum, the pleasant evening began with a short in- fathers name, Stan Stephens Glacier & troduction to the vessels history by museum docents. According to the docents,Wildlife Cruises in Valdez, AK.American Victory was built in just 55 days to aid the war effort and is still sailed aThe evening was sponsored by All few times a year in the Tampa Bay area.American Marine of Bellingham, WA Launched in Los Angeles, CA in May 1945, the 455-ft American Victory, has nineand company president Matt Mullett decks and carried 62 Merchant Marine and U.S. Armed Guard officers and crew.thanked the PVA leadership for all their It was armed with eight 20mm caliber Oerlikon guns, one three-inch 50 caliberefforts. AAMs business manager Ron gun, and a five-inch caliber gun. The ship served in WWII, as well as the KoreanWille gave a brief presentation on some and Vietnam Wars. Today, the ship is a museum that serves to help tell Americanof the newer passenger vessels that are history as well as a venue for special events.entering U.S. waters. PVA leaders were treated to a buffet dinner before Rear Admiral Richard V.If you are interested in getting Timme, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy for the U.S. Coast Guardinvolved with PVA to serve the asso-addressed the group. RADM Timme spoke about the relationship that PVA and theciation and passenger vessel industry Coast Guard have and why working together promotes a safer and more secureas a volunteer, please contact PVA at maritime environment.pvainfo@passengervessel.com.n18MARCH 2020FOGHORN'