b'FOGHORNFOCUS:CONVENTION REVIEWthe Katica Klassic Memorial Golf Tournament and the annual PVAPVA GRATEFULLY THANKS CONVENTION SPONSORSRegion Competition.Played on the picturesquePVA thanks all the sponsors whose generosity helped to make the PVA Saddlebrook Resort on the morning ofAnnual Convention at MariTrends 2020 a success. February 2, the Katica Klassic, which honors the late PVA Associate memberAll American Marine Robinson & Son LLCTom Katica, a strong FoundationGallagher Scania USAsupporter, the tournament serves asGPLINK Wheelhouse Technologies, Inc.a fun event for members from aroundJohn Deere Power Systems Yacht Starship Cruises and Eventsthe nation to get together for a friendlyMTU America ZF Marine Propulsion Systems Miramar LLCgame of golf while raising money for a worthy organization.The PV Foundation Region Competition pits the fi ve PVA regionsand Cruises and Events donated thewith its pirate boat modeled after host against one another is a lightheart- canned food.operator Yacht Starship Cruises and ed challenge. This year, each regionThis competition allowed for eachEvents Lost Pearl. (comprised of 20 participants) builtregion to get creative with their designs a passenger vessel made of donatedand shipbuilding skills, which dem- Next Yearcanned food in just minutes on theonstrated the variety of passengerAll in all, the PVA Annual fl oor of MariTrends 2020, which wasvessels operating in the U.S. featuredConvention at 2020 was a roaring judged by the head of a local fooddesigns were a ferry, sightseeing vessel,success and planning is already well bank, where all the donated cansa paddlewheeler riverboat, dinner/ underway for next year, which will be would go after the competition. Localexcursion vessel, and a pirate ship.held February 69, 2021, in Portland, PVA Vessel member Yacht StarshipThe winner was the Southeast RegionOR. Save the date and plan to attend! nwestmarinepro.com YOU DONT WORRY westmarinepro.comYour 24/7 destination thats packed with the featuresyYour 2ee4d t/7 do gesett tinahe mtion toshat outs pat of yckoued wr timith te ahne fd meaotunreeys . ABOUT KEEPING ou nyou need to get the most out of your time and money. YOUR COOLFastIncreasedStreamlinedQuick Order UNTIL YOU LOSE IT.Page Loads Inventory Availability CheckoutFastIncreasedStreamlined Page Loads Inventory Availability Checkout Quick OrderMultiple Improved Easy Requisition Account Sign-Ons Search Invoice Look-up Lists Multiple Improved Easy Requisition Account Sign-Ons Search Invoice Look-up Lists All backed by the power of West Marine Pro.All backed by the power of West Marine Pro. Over 135,000 products for your business Ove 2r 18 r35e,0g0io0 pnal drodisuctribts futoior yn couenr bteurssiness Get it. Never lose it. Sa 2me8 r-deagy vionan dal deislitvreibruty 2ion c5en0+ stertsoresExpect peak cooling efficiency.T ameo-sdt-aky vnoan dwledeglievaebry 2le and s50+ seasotornees d Expect trusted dependability. GRIDCOOLERShe mKeel Cooler WEKATshae mleso rsetp-krensoewlnetadtigveeas binle an the d sindeuassotryned Expect expert support. Boxcoolersales representatives in the industry R.W. Fernstrum Cooling Solutions.1-800-621-6885 or visit westmarinepro.com.1-800-621-6885 or visit westmarinepro.com. fernstrum.com| 906.863.5553| sales@fernstrum.comR.W. Fernstrum & Company is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company16MARCH 2020FOGHORN'