b'FOGHORNFOCUS:CONVENTION REVIEWGeneral SessionsRick Fryan and Susan Hamilton show off theThree influential speakers graced the raffle prizes they won that were sponsoredstage in the MariTrends 2020 exhibit James Robinsons Robinson & Son.hall to the delight of conventioneers.Charlie Crist, U.S. Houseof RepresentativesCongressman Charlie Crist of the U.S. House of Representatives, whose district is the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area, spoke to attendees assembled on February 3. His address, A Report from Capitol Hill, centered on safety and environmental protection. As an elected official from Florida, where he had previously served as governor, Rep. Crist is acutely focused on water-based issues. He sternly advocated catching and prosecuting illegal charter operators because of the safety issues surrounding vessel operators that are not properly licensed or have the necessary training. Rep. Crist is also a staunch proponent of environmental protec-tion initiatives, especially those that are related to waterways, and oceans in particular. He understands that communities rely on clean water and healthy marine ecosystems for the health of its residents as well as for strong local economies. As Florida governor (2007-2011), he actively promoted protective environmental programs for the Sunshine State. Now, PVA Past President Gary Frommelt jokes with LCDR Bogert at MariTrends 2020 (left); RADM Timme and Pete Lauridsenas a Member of Congress, he continues reconnect (right).to work towards safe, healthy environ-mental laws and regulations on a wider scale, he told his audience.Peter Ross, 829 StudiosOn February 4, Peter Ross, a marketing executive, shared tips in his presentation, How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Strategies. His easygoing, folksy speaking style included several personal observations from his experiences with marketing the travel industry. As a co-founder of 829 Studios, a marketing agency specializing in web design, back end solutions, advertising, and optimiza-tion, Ross has helped clients achieve lasting impressions by defining their 2020 PVA Vice President Bob Bijur addresses attendees (left); Tim Nease demonstrates to Natalie Connell how toonline presence through design, tech-disarm someone with a hand gun (right).nology, functionality, marketing, and 10MARCH 2020FOGHORN'