b'FOGHORNFOCUS:SALES, MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONSPartnerships in Social MediaBy Amanda Bombard, Catalina ExpressS ocial media started as a com- that other local tours and attractionsresources, budget and the continuous munication channel for collegewere receiving. The marketing teamneed for content to attract consumers students and others to connectmade the decision to attend seminarsto their multiple social media profi les. with each other. Sharing YouTubeto learn how the rest of the tourismSocial media networks allow busi-videos and popular memesnesses to advertise to their users was the beginning of thisand even target their ideal customer, important marketing channelwhich can build awareness for the that plays a substantial role inbrand. Paid advertising can be costly consumers lives. In a studydepending on the desired audience from Hootsuite in 2019, resultsand type of campaign being run, but showed about 69 percent ofin return can assist a company to gain U.S. adults use at least onethe impressions needed for a special social media site, and globallyholiday promotion or package. For users spend nearly 2.5 hours onexample, Catalina Express has a part-social networks and messagingnership with over 20 island hotels to daily. As well-known brandshelp promote overnight getaways on and businesses battle eachCatalina Island. Each hotel contributes other for the publics attention,an equal share to a marketing budget how does a small to medium- with Catalina Express paying two size company make an impact andcommunity was showcasing their expe- shares. One element of the campaign gain engagement with their potentialriences to gain their desired audience.is a social media buy during the off-customers?A theme that emerged across theseseason. From February 15 to June 15 informational sessions was the impor- of last year, a Facebook and Instagram Partnerships Are Key tance of strategically utilizing partner- campaign was run with a budget of In 2015, Catalina Express was onships. Partnerships are key to making$5,000 to promote these packages. all the major platformsFacebook,an impact and gaining the targetWith each hotel contributing $225 Instagram, Pinterest and Twitterbutmarket. Strategic partnerships can helpand Catalina Express paying $450, the not seeing the return in engagementa company overcome limitations inresults showed over 2.6 million im-pressions and a signifi cant amount of awareness to the partners. Partnering on advertising allows for budgets to stretch farther without limiting the amount of exposure.In uencers Are a Secret WeaponAnother way to build awareness on social media is through influenc-ers, who are in some aspects the celeb-rities of these channels. Social media influencers play a significant role on the various platforms and can bring exposure to companies with their followers, which in some cases can be in the millions. Businesses cannot control what influencers say to their Hybrid & Zero Emission Solutionsaudience, but partnering with the right companies concerning the other ABB is making sustainable solutions a reality elements of the infl uencers trip helps Lean more at PVA MariTrends booth #43 give these guests the best experience possible. Over the past two years, Catalina Express and partners have invited 6JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020FOGHORNABB_Ad_PVA.indd 1 1/8/2020 2:55:11 PM'