b'LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORBest Wishes for a Safe through a Chartered Working Group and Prosperous 2020! under the PVA/ U.S. Coast Guard Quality Partnership. On behalf of all of us here at the PassengerThe PVA Flagship SMS will allow you Vessel Association (PVA), please accept ourto better manage and enhance vessel and very best wishes for a safe and prosperousshoreside operations and safety by focusing 2020. As we reflect on the positive trendson continuous improvement in a variety of set in 2019, we believe that the coming yearfunctional areas. An easy-to-use manual, will continue to present strong economicJohn Groundwater which is scalable to your business, will allow conditions, industry growth, and an out- you to smoothly implement this program. standing business climate. As you probablyIn addition, the PVA Flagship SMS has know, PVA members are located in nearly every portbeen formally recognized by the Coast Guard as an ac-in our nation, carrying more than 200 million passen- ceptable method for developing and implementing a gers each year through divers range of operations suchcompany-specific voluntary SMS. Adopting an SMS such as commuter and car ferries, dinner boats, whale watchas Flagship could result in a reduced scope of inspections vessels, tour and excursion boats, sailing vessels andunder the Coast Guard Risk-Based Inspection policy. water taxis. They continuePVA staff stands ready to to be active players in thediscuss the many benefits nations travel and tourismof implementing the PVA market and in their localFlagship SMS and to guide economies. you through the imple-mentation process.Evaluate and ExpandYour Training Programs Contact the PVA Staffand Practices if You Need HelpAs we enter 2020, IYour PVA membership encourage you to evaluateclearly provides you with your crew and employeea vast array of benefits, training programs, withservices and programs, all an eye towards continu- Pirate Water Taxis willtailored to meet the needs ous improvement. PVAprovide transportation forof your business. The PVA can help you in thisMariTrends 2020 attendeesstaff has far-reaching ex-process. Over the years,throughout the event. perience in Coast Guard, PVAs Safety and Securityregulatory, legislative, Committee has worked tirelessly to develop and introducesecurity, legal, and other matters related to passenger a wide range of highly effective training tools exclusive- vessel operations. They are available to answer your most ly for member use. In addition, the PVA Online Crewpressing operational questions and I encourage you to Training Program is an exciting electronic tool that willcontact us whenever you need uswe are here to help helps members take their current crew training programsyou.to the next level. The program is sponsored by PVA and managed by PVA member Learning ManagementPVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2020Systems. I encourage you to take a moment and go to theWe have a tremendous convention planned for Member Resource section of the PVA website and viewyou February 3-6 in Tampa, Florida. The PVA Annual all of the tools that are literally available to you with a clickConvention at MariTrends 2020 continues to grow in of your mouse.terms of attendance, programming and exhibitors. I am pleased to tell you that the MariTrends 2020 PVA Flagship SMS Program exhibit floor continues to expand; offering an impressive As you evaluate your training programs, it is a goodarray of products and services focused directly on the time to also consider implementing a Safety Managementpassenger vessel industry. In addition, approximately 100 System (SMS) to improve your operational efficiencieseducational seminars, workshops, roundtables and social while also enhancing safety. We can also help you withevents are planned for the PVA Annual Convention at this. PVAs Flagship SMS is a voluntary safety manage- MariTrends 2020. ment system that is tailored specifically for PVA memberMany thanks to Pirate Water Taxi for providing vessel operators. The PVA Flagship SMS was developed by PVA members, in cooperation with the Coast Guard,LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CONTINUED ON PAGE 50JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020 FOGHORN 5'