b'NEWSWIREEPA Seeks Applicants for DieselMaritime Administration Announces Funding Engine Emissions Reduction Grants,Availability for Small U.S. ShipyardsApply by February 26 The U.S. Department of Transportations A new round of the U.S. EnvironmentalMaritime Administration (MARAD) announced Protection Agencys (EPA) competitive Dieselon January 10 the availability of $19.6 million in Emission Reduction Program (DERA) is open forfederal funding to support capital improvements grant proposals.The deadline for submission of ap- and employee training at small U.S. shipyards. plications is February 26, 2020.EPA will distributeThe Small Shipyard Grant Program helps modernize eligible $44 million during this round to 40 to 60 awardees.shipyard operations by improving effi ciency and fostering qualityDERA projects are aimed at reducing emissionsship construction, repair, and reconfi guration. from the nations existing fleet of older diesel American shipyards that build and repair Americas military engines.Vessel repowering projects are an eligibleand commercial fl eets contribute billions of dollars to our nations use, but DERA awards are not restricted to marineeconomic growth.In 2013, the industry supported nearly 400,000 transportation. direct and indirect jobs nationwide, $37.3 billion in gross domestic Eligible applicants include public agencies orproduct, and $25.1 billion in labor income.port authorities with jurisdiction over transporta-Available to U.S. shipyards with fewer than 1,200 production tion or air quality.Private entities cannot applyemployees, the Small Shipyard Grant Program supports a variety of directly, but can submit a proposal through a part- projects, including capital and related improvements and maritime nering nonprofi t organization that offers pollutiontraining programs to foster technical skills and operational produc-reduction or educational services to diesel fleettivity.owners or that have, as their principal purpose, the Grant applications are due by February 18.More information promotion of transportation or air quality. can be found in the Federal Register or by contacting MARADs For more information, go to www.epa.gov/clean- David M. Heller at David.Heller@dot.gov. ndiesel/clean-diesel-national-grants.nEachyear,thousandsofpreventablemaritime accidents are caused by operator inattention, cited twice as frequently as the next leading factor. The Furuno BR500 Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) helps to prevent these accidents.Scan this code with your smart phone for a Guided Tour of the BR500.www.FurunoUSA.comJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020 FOGHORN 49'