b'NEWSWIREIllinois Cannabis Law Lets Vessel Operators Prohibit Pot On BoardOn January 1, Illinois became thetion of marijuana on board, despiteCompiled Statutes Chapter 410, 11th state to allow the recreational usethe January 1, 2020, implementation ofsection 705, Section 10-35 (Limitations of marijuana in some circumstances.the states new Cannabis Regulationand Penalties) states:(c) Nothing However, the operator of a passengerand Tax Act.in this Act shall prevent a private vessel in Illinois continues to have theThe new law expressly preservesbusiness from restricting or prohibit-right to enforce a policy against a pas- the vessel operators right to enforceing the use of cannabis on its property, sengers possession of and consump- a no marijuana policy. Illinoisincluding areas where motor vehicles are parked. In addition, while the new law does enable a person to consume marijuana in certain circumstances, it expressly forbids such consumption in a public place. Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 410, section 705, Section 10-35 (Limitations and Penalties) states: (a) This Act does not permit any person to engage in, and does not prevent the imposition of any civil, criminal, or other penalties for engaging in, any of the following 4615-CTC Water Taxi conduct:(3) using cannabis:(F) COI 30 Passengers + 2 Crew in any public place . Elsewhere, the section defi nes the term public place as any place where a person could reasonably be expected to be observed by others. Thus, a passenger vessel is a public place under the law, as are the landside facilities at which the vessel sales@armstrongmarine.com | (360) 457-5752 | www.armstrongmarine.com calls. The new law expressly prohibits consumption of marijuana in these locations.One effective means of establish-ing a no marijuana policy is to implement a no smoking policy on board the vessel and on your landside properties. This can apply to all products, including tobacco and marijuana.If the vessel operator wishes to allow tobacco smoking on board in designated areas, one can adopt a policy of prohibiting possession and consumption of all substances pro-scribed by the federal Controlled Substances Act. Marijuana is one such proscribed substance.PVA recommends that whatever policy is chosen by the operator should be publicized in an appropriate place on the company web page and on signage posted on the vessel and in places where a customer can see it prior to boarding the vessel.n48JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020FOGHORN'