b'SAFETYMATTERSAppeals appealing a requirement holding adefi ciencies to the Coast Guard cannot The good news is that a detention,vessel up from operations, the vesselbe overstated. Since vessel owners and which an owner or operator believes isin question may very well be back inoperators are responsible for maintain-inappropriate, can be appealed in theoperation. Remember, a detention is aning their vessels as per the regulations, same way any other questionable de- administrative action, not somethingthey should be most familiar with the ficiency is appealed. It will take timethat is repaired.condition of the vessel. When issues and effort to document that a companyare found on a vessel by the crew or has an effective management systemSelf-Reporting Defi ciencies company personnel and proactive for their vessel operations, but unlikeThe significance of self-reportingsteps are taken to correct problems, that type of action is rewarded. If there are ongoing repairs at the time of a Coast Guard inspection, notifying the Coast Guard of said repairs at the beginning of the inspection will put the defi ciency in the Self Reported category. The defi ciencies will still be documented by the Coast Guard on the CG-835V, but those requirements will not show up on the Coast Guards online searchable database, the Port State Information Exchange (PSIX). In addition, work list items associ-ated with new construction, refi ts, and drydock inspections will not show up in PSIX. The information will be aggre-gated and used to determine common defi ciencies and trends across the fl eet, but not in a vessels history.Your Vessels Online Profi leThe closest thing your vessel has to an online profi le are the records main-tained in the Coast Guards Marine Information Exchange, https://cgmix.uscg.mil/). Within CGMIX is the PSIX database where vessels can be located, and their Coast Guard interactions examined. Deficiency history is one of the primary areas tracked in PSIX. Proactive operators who have imple-mented a strong management system should see a decrease in deficiencies logged into PSIX. PVA is committed to improving domestic passenger vessel safety. Our PVA Safety and Security Committee and Regulatory Committee will work Propelling Passenger Vessels with data obtained by the Coast Guard and member companies to Visit us at Booth 42 at the PVA Annual Convention atfocus our efforts on providing tools MariTrends 2020 to learn how Siemens Electric Propulsion is taking passenger vessels to new horizons. to assist all vessel members in effec-tively managing safety. Our voluntary safety management system, Flagship, usa.siemens.com/marine is available to all members on the PVA website.n46JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020FOGHORNFoghorn_PVA_Conf_2020_Ad_4.625x3.5.indd 1 1/7/2020 9:59:28 AM'