b'LEGISLATIVEREPORTequipment. There has been uncon- Mandate a rule for marine fire- ly recommended by the National fi fi ghting training for crewmembers,Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)rmed speculation that the fi re on the Conception may have originated fromwith training programs reviewedfollowing prior vessel casualty investi-the equipment used by passengersand maintained by a Coast Guard- gations (including the Island Lady casino to recharge their phones and otherapproved third-party contractor. PVAshuttle launch fi re in Florida).battery-powered equipment. staff believes that if this provision isThe Coast Guard and the NTSB are To mandate by regulation thatenacted into law, it would representinvestigating both casualties, but their the first instance of required thirdfievery small passenger vessel must nal reports are not expected for at least put in place an appropriate Safetyparty oversight of inspected smallseveral months. Will Congress wait for Management System (SMS). A 2010passenger vessels. the fact-finders to make conclusions law (not yet implemented by rule)Several of these items are identicaland issue recommendations before leg-directs that certain small passengeror similar to measures previous- islation is acted upon? nvessels with a passenger capacity specifi ed by the Coast Guard musthave a SMS. PVA has developed a voluntary SMS (FLAGSHIP) for use by its members.In addition, the legislation calls for other safety measures to apply to a new vessel category called covered small passenger vessel. This category includes all subchapter T vessels (i.e.,vessels of less than 100 gross tons with a passenger capacity of no more than 150 or with overnight accommoda-tions for no more than 49 passengers). It also includes all overnight vessels built of wood, regardless of tonnage or passenger capacity, if they were built before March 11, 1996. However, with the exception of wooden vessels withwww.imtra.comovernight accommodations, subchap-ter K vessels do not fall within the bills defi nition of covered small passenger vessel.With respect to a covered small passenger vessel, the Coast Guard is to:Undertake a comprehensive review of all requirements for fi re detection, protection, and suppression;Mandate a rule for the addition of interconnected fire detection, pro-tection, and suppression equipment (including fi re extinguishers) for all areas of the vessel to which passen-gers have access; Mandate a rule for increased fire IMTRA COLORS 2016detection, protection, and sup- LEDpression equipment systems inSecondary UsePrimary Use unmanned areas with machinery or areas with other potential heat sources; The Trusted Source for Advanced LED LightingPut in place a requirement that allNAVIGATION LIGHTSDECK LIGHTINGENGINE ROOM LIGHTSSEARCHLIGHTSCABIN LIGHTINGgeneral areas accessible to passen- 508.995.7000 www.imtra.comBlue Pantone 647 Pantone Cool Gray 7 Pantone Cool Gray 2 Black Pantone 368 Pantone 629gers have at least two avenues of20C 14M 12Y 40K 5C 3M 5Y 11K 0C 0M 0Y 100K 65C 0M 100Y 0K 36C 0M 9Y 0Kescape; and 96C 54M 5Y 27KJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020 FOGHORN 43'