b'LEGISLATIVEREPORTPassenger Vessel Casualties Prompt Congressional By Ed Welch,LegislationPVA Legislative DirectorH ighly publicized marine casualties frequently induceHawley of Missouri. Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana Congress to consider new maritime safety measures.has introduced a companion bill, H.R. 2799. This was true in 1990 after the Exxon Valdez oil spillLets look at the newest bills, S. 3042 and H.R. 5413. in Alaska. The most recent example is the enactment of theIntroduced on December 12, 2019, they are entitled the Small Hamm Alert Maritime Safety Act of 2018 in response to thePassenger Vessel Safety Act of 2019.2015 sinking of the containership El Faro with the loss ofSenator Diane Feinstein, Congressman Salud Carbajal, all 33 seafarers on board. Now, history might repeat itselfand Congresswoman Julia Brownley, all of California, following two U.S. passenger vessel casualties: the storm- sponsored these bills in response to the fatal fire on the dive caused capsizing of the Stretch Duck 7 on Missouris Tableboat Conception. If enacted, the bills will impose additional Rock Lake in July 2018 with 17 fatalities and the fire on thesafety measures for certain small passenger vessels. moored dive boat Conception in California on September 2,Certain of the legislations provisions would apply to 2019, with 34 deaths. all small passenger vessels (that is, all Subchapter T and Bills have been introduced in Congress in response toK vessels). These provisions include direction to the Coast both tragedies. The May 2019 issue of FOGHORN containedGuard:a comprehensive explanation of S. 1031, the Duck BoatTo prescribe regulations that address the use of recharge-Safety Enhancement Act of 2019, introduced by Senator Joshable devices utilized for personal or commercial electronic 42JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020FOGHORN'