b'HOW PVA BENEFITS YOUPVA Working for YouBy Jen Wilk, Director, Public AffairsNew Cybersecurity Alerts and Tools to Help Your and Development Operation Remain ProtectedL ike many Americans, PVA staff returned from thecommunicating important security updates from federal holidays to the news of the airstrikes between the U.S.agencies and providing you with the best practices and and Iran. As a result of these activities and increasedresources available to help you stay ever-ready in an tensions, PVA received several security alerts from our gov- evolving security environment. ernment partners. These federal agencies cautioned ourThese alerts from several offices within the U.S. industry and other transportation segments to increaseDepartment of Homeland Security provided informa-awareness, assess current practices and, where applicable,tion on areas of possible threats. The Cybersecurity and strengthen basic cyber and physical defenses to protectInfrastructure Security Agency (CISA) indicated increased against any potential threat.awareness of disruptive and destructive cyber opera-PVA knows its members take security seriously andtions as well as cyber-enabled espionage and intellectual remain vigilant of security concerns, especially duringproperty theft.this time of heightened awareness. PVA works for you byAlso, earlier this year PVA received a Cybersecurity Awareness Message from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) warning of increased attacks of ran-somware against state and local governments, and their transportation entities. In response to these cyber concerns TSA and CISA recommended that organizations review YOU DONT WORRYtheir current training, systems, and processes for maintain-ing a strong security posture. ABOUT KEEPINGSteps You Can Take TodayThe CISA recommended a few steps you can take today YOUR COOL to protect against a potential threat:Prepare your organization for rapid response by adopting UNTIL YOU LOSE IT. a state of heightened awareness. Increase organizational vigilanceEnsure your security personnel are monitoring key internal security capabilities and that they know how to identify anomalous behavior. Assess your access control protocols. Confi rm reporting processesEnsure your personnel know how and when to report an incident. The well-be-ing of your workforce and cyber infrastructure depends on awareness of threat activity. Consider reporting your cyber incidents to CISA as part of an early warning system. Get it. Never lose it. Exercise your incident response planEnsure your Expect peak cooling efficiency. Expect trusted dependability. personnel are familiar with the key steps they need to Expect expert support. GRIDCOOLERWEKAtake during an incident. Do they have the accesses they Keel CoolerBoxcooler need? Do they know the processes? Are your various data R.W. Fernstrum Cooling Solutions. sources logging as expected? Make sure personnel are po-sitioned to act in a measured, calm, and unifi ed manner. Confirm offline backupEnsure you have an offline fernstrum.com| 906.863.5553| sales@fernstrum.com backup of information critical to operations.R.W. Fernstrum & Company is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company (CISA INSIGHTS: Increased Geopolitical Tensions and Threats, January 2020)40JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020FOGHORN'