b'REGULATORYREPORTThe events of 9/11 and the passagecurrent good relationship betweenAct of 2010, PVA developed it own of the Maritime Transportation Securitypassenger vessel operators and CoastSafety Management System (SMS) Act of 2002 led to a dramatic andGuard personnel. expressly for domestic passenger- nearly instant shift of Coast GuardCoast Guard marine safety functions: carrying vessels It is a voluntary priorities and mission. The increaseIt is imperative that the Coastmodel called Flagship and ithas been in port and vessel security concernsGuard safety function be preserved. deemed by the Coast Guards Director resulted in degradation of licensingSafety Management Systems: of Inspections and Compliance to and inspection services as marine in- Following enactment of the Coastmeet the objectives and functional re-spection personnel became the core ofGuard and Maritime Transportationquirements of 33 CFR 96.nthe resulting security forces. The loss of inspection and licensing focus and personnel could not be resolved in the partnership environment and the situation led to a 2007 hearing before Chairmen Oberstar and Cummings of the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation. The result was a plan called Enhancing thePublic Tickets & Coast Guards Marine Safety ProgramPrivate Charters .together at lastdeveloped by the Coast Guard and supported by the Congress. Coast Guard services have been generally stable over the last decade. VISIT US AT MARITRENDS BOOTH 64!A series of tragic events involving passenger-carrying vessels and an am- EFFORTLESSEFFORTLESSphibious vehicle have brought water- RESERVATIONS CONTRACTSborne passenger-related activities to+ TICKETING for Private Chartersthe attention of Congress. Proposedfor Public Cruises and Group Bookingsbills have been introduced that outline changes to vessel safety regulation. The Coast Guard and the PVA will be calledIntegrated online,Custom PDF contracts upon to offer assistance in legislativephone and walk-upwith fully-trackable and the expected regulatory processes.bookings versioningIt is here again the partnership will seek to provide its joint expertise for policiesAutomated conrmation,Support for private reminder and follow-upcharters, schools and that facilitate legislative and regulatoryemails tour groupsintent when it is benefi cial to do so.As we look to the future of our co- Marketing and SearchDetailed reports for operative relationship there are someEngine Optimizationevent planning and givens that PVA will articulate. (SEO) nancial trackingColleen Stephens, PVA Vice President, testified on behalf of thePersonalized set-up, Passenger Vessel Association beforetraining and supportResource tracking for the Subcommittee on Coast Guard andincluded multi-use inventoryMaritime Transportation on November 14, 2019. Below are some excerpts of her comments to the Subcommittee.Delegation of Coast Guard marine safety functions to a third party: Manage your entire PVA adamantly believes that thisbusiness from a single, would be a mistaken policy. It wouldintegrated platformdeprive Coast Guard marine safety personnel of intimate knowledge of the domestic passenger vessel fleetSCHEDULE A DEMOand would drive a wedge into theWWW.STARBOARDSUITE.COMJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020 FOGHORN 39'