b'REGULATORYREPORTStrategic OutlookBy Peter Lauridsen,PVA Regulatory Affairs ConsultantI n October of 2018, the U.S. Coastthe essence of the transformationcal changes in the passenger vessel Guard published a document calledsought as, the Coast Guard must haveindustry, keep pace with the changing Maritime Commerce Strategic Outlook. a transforming workforce capacity anddemographic of passenger vessel It gave a Coast Guard view of thenstrengthened linkages/partnershipsservices, build routine cross commu-current and future challenges in theto facilitate, safeguard, and advancenication in both Coast Guard and PVA maritime transportation system (MTS).maritime commerce. The Service mustlocal and regional events, promote It also outlined the anticipated Coastdevelop an adaptive force that is profi - industry training opportunities and Guard response to those issues. cient at operating in a highly complexgenerally open mutually beneficial Its three main areas of concern areenvironment amid rapid evolution ofcommunication channels. Early iden-facilitating lawful trade and travel ontechnology.tifi cation of change or needs has led to secure waterways, modernizing aidsThe Coast Guard and PVA havejointly developed policies and infor-to navigation and mariner informationhad a productive formal partner- mation on digitally controlled engines, systems, and transforming workforceship since 1996. That partnership hasevolving battery technologies, high-capacity and partnerships. It is the thirdserved to build on our safety record,speed vessel operation, structural fi re area that I address here. facilitate change/expansion of thesafety, passenger safety and many other The executive summary capturessecurity mandate, identify technologi- areas of mutual concern. EXCEED GLOBAL EMISSIONS STANDARDSOperate a lightweight vessel equipped with hybrid or electric engines. Reduce your operating and maintenance costs. Minimize your environmental impact. BUILD A CARBON FIBER FERRY8-500kW Marine Generators// Pull harder in the harshest marine environments// More copper & premium corrosion resistance// Superior motor starting & low operating temps// Better fuel economy & longer engine life// Easy to service & worldwide dealer support// Proudly made in America1.800.777.0714 toll free Learn about Americas only carbon T- and K-Class ferry builder:www.merequipment.com www.ARCADIA-ALLIANCE.com38JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020FOGHORN'