b'ENVIRONMENTof containers in public areas and at large local organiza- Geographic photographers onboard who teach photography. tions for responsible waste handling education. A new goalThis activity connects the passenger to the beauty and facets is working towards SUPER certification which stands forof the natural environment, while illustrating the significance Single Use Plastic Elimination and Recycling program. of conservation and protection.At Alcatraz Cruises, crew members take initiative toAlcatraz Cruises delivers youth education to school clean debris from the SF bay, utilizing nets from the vesselsgroups on our Hybrid vessel, through our non-profit part-to clear floating plastic bags and bottles. Our crew sharenership with the Aquarium of the Bay to deliver lessons sustainability information with our guests and sometimesrelated to marine ecosystems, food webs, ocean and climate scoop up plastics as they work. Our Hornblower Alcatrazchange science, marine biology, and plankton labs. These Cruises location lends a compelling example and model ofactivities successfully inform our youth and engage our behavior change. Our robust pollution prevention strategycrew members to teach about Hybrid technology and green includeslandfill diversion stations, sorting teams, waterbusiness initiatives.quality sampling, safer fuel handling, hazmat, and morewe encourage you to do the same. Landfill DiversionOur commitment, to protect and conserve the naturalAt Alcatraz Cruises, trash is sorted with 4-stream resources (upon which our business and future livelihoodrecycling bins and a sorting crew to achieve a landfill depends) generates teamwork, builds values, and gives andiversion rate of 94-96%. Interpretive landfill diversion opportunity for crew to learn more about environmentalstations supports the process and we save money on our protection and management responsibility. Exemplifyingrecycling bill. To support this, we give crew refillable water our values with behaviors builds unity and purpose amongbottles, have refill water stations, and ask crew to bring their our networks. own coffee mugs to work.These are ways we orient our businesses towards Marine Biology Education and Marine Ecosystems solutions that truly are industry solutions required to make PVA Green WATERS member Lindblad Cruises deliversa positive impact. As we take steps individually at home, environmental education to its guests and hosts Nationalwe need communities, businesses, industries, and a global IMPROVE YOUR OPERATIONSIMPROVE YOUR OPERATIONSAutomatic interc tor trim tab systems.Automatic intercep eptor trim tab systems.Your new fuel saver.Your new fuel saver.Our ACTIVE interceptor system lowers roll and slamming by up to 50%. It also Our ACTIVE interceptor system lowers roll and slamming by reduces resistance. That means lower up to 50%. It also reduces resistance. That means lower fuelfuel consumption and less CO emissions. consumption and less CO emissions. Easy to install, easy toBENEFITSEasy to inste. Premy to operaology emiumBENEFITSoperatall, easium technte. Prat a ordable pricing.IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY, UP TO 25% technology at affordable pricing. IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY, UP TO 25%Made of composite materials for corrosion resistance and optimum perfor- FASTER ACCELERATIONFASTER ACCELERATIONMade of composite materials for corrosion resist trice and optimumIMPROVED VISIBILITY AND SPEED mance, Humphree Interceptor tabs are elec anc powered (12 or 24 volt) IMPROVED VISIBILITY AND SPEEDperformance, Humphre an transom ins abs are electric powered (12 or 24 volt)LESS ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTand made for a cle e Interceptor t tallation with no aft overhang to contend and made for a clean transom installation with no aft overhang to contend withLESS ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTwith around docks or gear. For any commercial Vessel, 25 feet and up. UP TO 50% LESS ROLL MOTIONSaround docks or gear. For any commercial Vessel, 25 feet and up. UP TO 50% LESS ROLL MOTIONSHUMPHREE CONTACTS HUMPHREE CONTACTSSean BerriePhone: 757 374 9435Brett MarshallPhone: 757 374 9720 Sean Berrie Phone: 757 374 9435Brett Marshall Phone: 757 374 9720 www.humphree.comHumphree USA Inc205-114 First Colonial RoadVirginia Beach, VA 23454JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020 FOGHORN 33'