b'ENVIRONMENTReducing Plastics in Maritime Sector for Environmental SustainabilityBy Margaret Foster-Roesner, Alcatraz CruisesEditors Note: This is part three in aa commitment to the environment. AFacilitation of environmental series of three on environmental concernsfundamental way to partner locally iseducation to crew, visitors, youth in the passenger vessel industry. Partthrough working in teams with com- school groups, inspires behavior one appeared in the July 2019 edition ofmunities for natural environment res- changes and shared purpose. FOGHORN, and part two is featured in thetoration, conservation and cleaningCirculating the positive impacts of en-September 2019 issue. beaches and waterways where wevironmental stewardship strengthens operate. Selecting vendors with greencompany culture and business relation-Environmental Commitment procurement standards, products andships. In San Francisco, at Pier 33 we Environmental policy for compli- packaging will support the fulfi llmentcirculate amazing experiences of our ance and standards is essential forof waste reduction. In some areas, leg- zero waste initiatives, landfi ll diversion elucidating and implementing leader- islation bans plastic bags and plasticand zero emission operations, with the ship commitment. A staunch environ- straws, and bans on plastic waterplans in place to achieve net zero in mental commitment includes pollutionbottle sales will soon follow. The Citythe upcoming years ahead. We share prevention, waste reduction, andof San Francisco has recently passedour voice and stories locally as active educating customers and crew on envi- a zero waste ordinance, requiringmembers and leaders in many local ronmental stewardship. Furthermore, itsorting to eliminate contaminationorganizations. We have contributed to includes opportunities to innovate andwithin recycling bins of Large Refusethe SF Bay Area Public Area Recycling partner with stakeholders that supportGenerator businesses. Forum and influenced the labelling NEW PRODUCTS, SAME LEVEL OF TRUST & DURABILITY.Introducing Highly Configurable Vessel System Monitoring & SMART Alarm Device Power Assist Get-homeSteeringDrivesStabilizers Reversing Thrusters Autopilot PumpKOBELT MANUFACTURING CO. LTD.+1 (604) 572-3935Surrey, BC, Canadawww.kobelt.com32JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020FOGHORN'