b'FOGHORNFOCUS:SALES, MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONSIts a Wrap! Earning Revenue Through Exterior AdvertisingBy Jayne Russell, Trans4mediaFire Island Water Taxi M/V Resolute picks up passengers at the Ocean Beach dock on the 4th of July.F ourth of July on Fire Island, NY is always a good time.They also expressed the need to approach the whole concept Between the festive parade, the house parties, and thewith caution. fireworks, you cannot go wrong spending our nationsA major concern we had was would wrapping a boat Independence Day in this unique resort community. Thistake away from our brand and what would people say?Do past summer, the M/Vwe want to deal with the Resolute, operated byheadache of the publics Fire Island Water Taxis,opinion? Morgan asked. displayed a colorful vinylUltimately, we decided wrap advertising Bon &to try one boat with one Viv Spiked Seltzer. campaign.The campaign wasTrans4media, who a result of a partner- also sells advertising for ship between two PVAWashington State Ferries, members, the Fire Islandunderstood this concern Water Taxis (FIWT) andand told the Mooneys they Trans4media (T4M), anwould have the final say advertising and marketingon what brands would be firm located in Seattle. TimAn installer applies branded vinyl graphics to the M/V Resolute allowed on their vessel.Mooney and his daughterT4M presented the op-Morgan Mooney, theportunity to several ad-owners and operators of the service, asked T4M to see whatvertising agencies in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, type of added revenue they could earn for an exterior wraphoping that the right brand would emerge for FIWT. When on one of their water taxis. They were wise in recognizingthe media buyer for Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer showed their unique audience could be attractive to the right brand.interest, T4M reached out to Morgan and Tim to see how 20JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020FOGHORN'